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For Sale - Traps

Brisbane, QLD



European made :Good Galvanised metals
small -cage rats is not folding- rat cage small @ -$55.00
-medium and large traps- folding units flatpacked -freight is easy AAE air fast
Galvanised Metal and Wired Trap
Good quality metal and wire trap a robust very strong cage trap
Small - Dimensions: cm: :16.5x W:L: 41.5 x H: 16.0 @$55.00
Medium-Dimensions: cm. 23.0 x L:66.0 x 26.0 H @$75.00
Large:>CM-28.5 xL: 79.0 x 32.0 H @$95.00
Foldable cage trap for medium size nuisance animals: rats -possums-, wild cat, rabbit, etc
Single rat cage trap. no folding
The door slides shut when the animal activates the treadle
The top has a plate to protect your fingers.
Trap has a carrying handle
A good robust strong metal wired trap
Pick up Brisbane
Ferny Grove 4055
Freight is arranged
contact me for details.


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For Sale - Traps

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