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For Sale - Doves: Talpacoti Doves - hens & pairs

Sydneys west, NSW
For ALL prices and for the breeders direct contact details, please go to our website.
A breeders Co-operative.

Talpacoti Doves (Ruddy Ground Dove)
3 x Spare hens
2 x Pairs
7 birds in total: MAKE ME AN OFFER - birds MUST be picked up no later than Saturday 28th January.

Wattle Aviaries & Reptiles and its Members are private bird keepers and hold the appropriate Licenses to keep protected species - please ensure that you have the correct Licensing and Animal Keeping Registration for birds, prior to contacting.

This listing is for Wattle Aviaries & Reptiles members.


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For Sale - Doves: Talpacoti Doves - hens & pairs

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