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Pet Pages Classifieds User Policy

Classifieds posted on Pet Pages must adhere to the below policy terms. Ads that conflict with any or all of the below terms or the general Pet Pages Terms and Conditions may be removed from the site. Please note:
  1. The responsibility for accuracy of information remains with the advertiser posting the classified
  2. Pet Pages has the right to refuse a classified it deems unsuitable
  3. Pet Pages reserves the right to edit and alter the Pet Pages Classifieds User Policy at any time. The Policy may be revised periodically and without notice.
  4. Pet Pages will only accept classified adverts from subscribers to a paid annual subscription
Pet Pages has the right to delete a classified or place it on hold if it:
  1. Breaches the Pet Pages Classifieds User Policy
  2. Contains irrelevant content. Irrelevant content includes classifieds unrelated to the pet industry.
  3. Is a duplicate of another classified posted by the user
  4. Is a duplicate of another classified posted by another user (i.e. you must not use part or all of another userís classified)
  5. Does not contain enough information
  6. The user claims to be a registered breeder, and they are not in fact listed in the Breeder area of the Pet Pages directory.
  7. Appears to intentionally mislead others or contains incorrect or false information
  8. Contains inappropriate or abusive language, images and links.
  9. Has been reported by another user. You can report a classified (via the Ďreport adí button located on the classified) if you believe it is in breach of this policy.
If your classified has been removed, please revise the ad to ensure it adheres to the above terms. If you believe your classified has been removed and has not breached the User Policy, please contact us.