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Pets and Travel

Pets and Travel

Pet inspired travel

Looking at planning your next holiday? So, maybe you can’t take your pet with you,
but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely away from animals on your
vacation. Why not book a pet-inspired holiday.

Here are a few ideas:

Volunteer at a shelter

If you have already booked a trip, you may want to research your destination to see
if there are animal shelters in the area. Many shelters, vets and animal sanctuaries
are looking for volunteers to help with various duties. Why not spend some time
volunteering while you’re there. It’s a great way to stay connected to animals on your
trip, and really make a difference at the same time. Some countries, such as Bali for
example, have programs to help stray cats and dogs. Various organisations are
often looking for people to help walk dogs, engage with cats, donate supplies and

Visiting natural habitats

As a pet owner, there’s a good chance you like all animals. Why not visit animals in
their natural habitat. There are some fantastic tours and programs for travellers. You
can see firsthand where different species live. Make sure you do your research and
find a reputable tour company that takes particular notice and care not to disrupt
natural habitats. You could go on safari, trek through rainforests, deserts or
bushland. There options are endless.

Pet sit travel

If you would like a holiday but don’t like the idea of being without your pet, you could
look after someone else’s. There are many international pet-sitting sites. On top of
visiting a new place, you could have free accommodation and the company of a pet.
Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Just be sure to be clear on the expectations with the
owner, and clear on the arrangement before committing.
There are many ways to stay connected to animals, even when on holidays. If you
can’t handle being away from your pet, there are many ways to travel with them too.

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