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Real Insurance - Pet Insurance

Real Insurance - Pet Insurance
It’s interesting, we spend a lot of time thinking about our own health insurance, who to be with, what policy has the best options and what will safeguard against the future.
Many of us also consider our Pets as family, so why shouldn’t they also get the same consideration?

Pet Insurance for your Cat and/or Dog

Think of Pet Insurance like health cover for your pet, much like your own health insurance. Advances in medicine mean much more can be done for your pet’s health than ever before. Your pet can now receive x-rays, diagnostic and laboratory tests, ultrasounds, a range of treatments, major surgery, and even cancer treatment – just like humans
Pet insurance helps pet owners feel better knowing their pet receives the health care they deserve without compromise so you can afford trips to the vet when you need them most. 
It’s the same question as to when considering your own health insurance, what option should I go with?

Real Insurance covers up to 80% of eligible vet expenses – and up to $12,000 per year (Pre-existing conditions are excluded), so give yourself confidence that if the unexpected happens, you’ll be covered.


With a range of options, prices and cover Real Insurance can help you with the following
  • Premium Accident & Illness
  • Standard Accident & Illness
  • Accident Cover

To compare the different options Real Insurance has simply click here

Why Choose Real Insurance?

  • You can go to any vet licensed in Australia - Freedom of choice
  • It only takes minutes to apply either online or over the phone
  • Flexible payment options to suit your budget
  • A special offer to refund 10% of your first years premiums
  • Stress free claims process
  • Confidence that you are with an award winning insurance company

To Get a Quote simply click here

If you need more info there is a great FAQ on the Real Insurance website here

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