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There Are Many Different Types of Dogs

There Are Many Different Types of Dogs

Expensive dogs

There are many different types of dogs you can choose as pets. They can be different
breeds, adult or puppy, male or female. Something you may not have thought about is
their cost. Some dogs can cost a lot of money, but for different reasons.

Pure breeds

A purebred dog is one that has been bred by dogs that belong to a specific register. Or in
other words, they have been part of selective breeding. Purebred dogs can be costly and
range anywhere from $500 to over $3000. In Australia, some of the popular registered
purebred dogs include Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and Staffordshire Bull
Terrier. Sadly, there is a problem with purebred dogs in Australia. The RSPCA outlines
that inbreeding is a serious health concern, and an issue that needs to be addressed. If
you are considering buying a purebred dog, always ensure you go to an ethical breeder.

Rare dogs

Some dogs are not common. This may because they typically produce small litters, or
because they are bred in particular places. The Tibetan Masstif is considered to be one
of the rarest dogs. Originally bred in Tibet, they are large dogs with distinctive faces.
One puppy is said to have been sold for over a million dollars. Another rare breed is the
Lowchen, also known as a Little Lion dog. They are only reported to have registrations
in the hundreds, each year.

Other costs

It may not be the breed of dog that is expensive, but other factors. Expenses like food,
care and insurance. All dogs have different needs which will affect their cost. For
example, some dogs are more prone to health issues than others, therefore their
insurance costs will most likely be higher. Similarly, some breeds may require more vet
visits, teeth checks and so on. Diet can also play a part in the cost, depending on their
requirements. You may also need to consider grooming, toys and socialising costs such
as walking or doggy day care.

Remember that no matter the cost of a dog, you can never put a price tag on the bond
we form with our pets. This is something that can be achieved with all pets, regardless
of their breed or requirements.

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