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Bored Pets

Bored Pets

Bored pets

No one likes to be bored. Not even your pets. As pet owners, we have a
responsibility to monitor our pet’s wellbeing, and ensure they are happy and healthy.
What happens if your pet starts playing up? Perhaps they are being destructive? It
could be that your pet is crying out for something to do.

Is your pet bored?

If an animal does not receive enough engagement, it may start to express its
boredom in destructive ways. They may start chewing, scratching and being
generally disruptive. Of course this can be upsetting. Especially if your belongings,
such as the furniture are now ruined. However, know that it’s not your pets fault.
They are not trying to upset you or be intentionally naughty. Animals need to be
stimulated and without it can act out. Pets such as a cats and dogs do sleep a lot,
but they still need to have things to do.

Creating a stimulating environment for your pet

One of the best ways you can ensure that your pet stays engaged is to offer them
toys, enrichment and play equipment. Try to create a diverse environment. If
possible, you could let them be in the garden. If they are an indoor pet, think about
pet-friendly indoor plants, climbing equipment, toys and other problem solving games.
The Best Cat Toys and Solving Toys for Your Dog. If you’re not home for long periods of time, think about setting up play dates, have a
walker or pit sitter visit them – even for 30 mins a day! Or how about getting your pet another animal companion?

Boredom or anxiety

If your pet displays ongoing and disruptive signs, make sure there aren’t deeper
issues at play. It could be that your pet is anxious, or has health concerns. Take your
pet to the vet for a check-up. Sometimes it can be hard for pet owners to understand
what our animal friends are trying to tell us. A vet may be able to crack the case and
ensure your pet is healthy and happy.

Remember that all animals, no matter how big or small, need stimulation. Taking the
time to include some activities and engagement for your pet will really make a
positive difference to their wellbeing.

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