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Dog Lovers Show – Melbourne

Dog Lovers Show – Melbourne

Dog Lovers Show – Melbourne

The Melbourne Dog Lovers Show is being held at the magnificent World heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building. It is the perfect home for the Show and located at 9 Nicholson Street Carlton, just north of Melbourne’s CBD and Carlton Gardens.



  • Royal Canin Arena
  • KONG Celebrity Vet Stage
  • Rescue Dog Zone
  • Breed Showcase
  • Australian Service Dog Tribute
  • DockDogs
  • Ask-A-Groomer
  • Ask-A-Vet
  • Pat-A-Pooch
  • Perfect Match
  • Doggy Face Painting
  • Funny Photowall
  • Doggy LEGO ®
  • Major Door Prize
  • Dog Friendly Parks and Beaches
  • Doggy Bookshop
  • Café Menu

Our Picks!


For the very first time the Dog Lovers Show is connecting our BIGGEST fans with the most loved and followed pooches of Instagram!
We have dozens of famous Insta-Pooches from all across Australia who will be taking part in the new Insta-Pooch attraction at the 2017 Dog Lovers Show.

With a funky and energetic DJ/MC to introduce the famous Insta-Pooches, the stars of the show will strut the red carpet runway in front of  puparazzi and visitors alike, and make their way to their stylish throne.

Our visitors will have the opportunity to meet the stars of Insta-Pooch, have a little pat and take a snap to share across their own Instagram page.

KONG Celebrity Vet Stage
Get ready to meet and learn from a fantastic line-up of celebrity vets at the 2017 Melbourne Show and they will be joined again by the beautiful KONG Dogs who will demonstrate some fun and stimulating ways to train your own Pooch! Dr Katrina Warren & The Wonderdogs present a brand new session on ‘5 Top Tricks anyone can teach their Dog‘.  Dr Harry Cooper is back by popular demand with two new talks on ‘How to find the Perfect Match Pooch to suit your lifestyle & home‘ and ‘Top tips for a healthier, happier Dog’. Jacqui Ley from Animal Behaviour Consultations will be talking on an emerging topic important for all Dog owners titled ‘How to understand and manage your Dog’s positive mental health‘

Renowned Dog trainer Steve Austin joins the team to talk about ‘Two essential training exercises that can save your Dog’s life’. If you want to discover how to get better training outcomes with your Dog through engagement then don’t miss the new ‘That’s Enter-TRAIN-ment‘ talk!

Visitors will also get the opportunity to interact with each of our presenters at the end of each session so bring along your canine conundrums! Detailed descriptions on each Stage talk above will be posted on this page in a few days including presenter bio’s and photo’s so standby for more…

Buy Tickets

Come and experience a jam packed day full of Doggy love, K9 entertainment, education & information! It’s great value for money - once you’ve purchased your ticket everything you see & do in the Show is free.

Tickets for the 2017 Show will be on sale mid-December

Ticketing Information

Tickets to the 2017 Melbourne Dog Lovers Show will go on-sale late December and previous visitors will be offered a special Early-Bird offer.

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