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Flyball is a canine team sport which is founded on the activities that dogs love to do run, jump, fetch, retrieve, compete and most of all: their desire to please their owners.

AddressPitt Town
New South Wales 2756
Phone0407 337 939
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The earliest known Australian flyball activity was in 1982 in Perth (Western Australia). Flyball was a demonstration-only activity until 1996, when the Australian Flyball Association (AFA) was formed. The AFA grew out of Queanbeyan in New South Wales, and competitions rapidly spread from New South Wales to the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia have more recently held competitions.

When Did Flyball Begin?

Flyball is believed to have begun in North America in the 1970's. It started when a Californian man by the name of Herbert Wagner developed the first tennis ball launcher for his ball crazy dog. After receiving positive feedback from demonstrations performed at his obedience club, he then gave a demonstration on the Tonight Show. Wagner's revolutionary idea was then introduced into Toronto and Detroit, and after a few small competitions the first formal competition was held in 1981. This later resulted in the North American Flyball Association was founded in 1984.

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