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Australian New Guinea Fishes Association

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Promoting the conservation, study, keeping and propagation of the native fish species of Australia and New Guinea

Victoria 3134
Phone07 3357 1059

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The Australian New Guinea Fishes Association brings together people with common interests in understanding more about the freshwater fishes and aquatic habitats of the region.

ANGFAs objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information.

ANGFA members come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, and include people with simply a curiosity of wanting to find out more about whats in their local creek through to aquarists, NGO and volunteer conservation groups through to university researchers and government scientists.

Since its early beginnings over three decades ago, ANGFA has developed a strong network across Australia and internationally. So through ANGFA, you are able to meet and network with people of similar interests and passions, and share information and ideas such as on the keeping and breeding fish. You have the opportunity to participate in ANGFA organised field trips to visit and survey beautiful wilderness areas and potentially share in the thrill of discovering new fish populations. You can also get involved in the conservation of endangered species and their habitats, while at the same time studying and enjoying their complex and fascinating behaviours and associated ecosystems.

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