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Dogs NT is the trading name given to The North Australian Canine Association. Dogs NT is the controlling body for all registered canine activities in the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory 820
Phone08 8984 3570
Fax08 8984 3409
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What does DOGS NT do?

Operates under a Code of Ethics for responsible dog ownership including keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposal of pure-breed dogs by members of the DOGS NT

DOGS NT rules cover the registration of litters, transfer of ownership, leases, the issue of certified and export pedigrees, the registration of kennel names and the issue of titles gained.

DOGS NT enforces rules for the operation of affiliated dog clubs, associations and societies for holding dog shows, trials and other canine exhibitions.

What does DOGS NT do for me?

Membership of DOGS NT entitles you to:
  • Enter shows, trials and any other exhibition held under the Rules of the DOGS NT
  • Register progeny bred by you on the DOGS NT register.
  • Receive a copy of the DOGS NT Rules and Constitution, and Code of Ethics.
  • Receive the bi-monthly magazine "Territory Dog World".
  • Receive discounts at various territory business’, including registration with the Darwin City and Alice Springs Town Councils.
  • To attend and vote at the DOGS NT Annual General Meeting.
  • To stand for election to the governing Council of the DOGS NT or committees of affiliated clubs.

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