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Koi Society of Western Australia

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The Koi Society of Western Australia is the West Australian chapter of the Zen Nippon Airinkai (ZNA) of Japan. We are also an incorporated association.

Our patron is Mr. Michael Cave.

Member's Code of Ethics

The Koi Society of Western Australia shall provide active leadership and greater knowledge to members and the public in all aspects related to the koi keeping hobby.

All members of the Society are therefore expected to:
  • Conduct their koi keeping activity in a way which ensures this activity does not have a detrimental effect on the Australian environment.
  • Provide advice and assistance to other less experienced members and the public on all aspects of koi keeping.
  • Members shall foster the koi keeping hobby and conduct themselves in a way which will not bring the Society or the koi keeping hobby into disrepute.
  • Members are encouraged to breed koi only to improve the quality of koi as recognized by the ZNA.
  • Members shall always keep koi in a suitable pond environment with the necessary filtration and feeding which ensures happy, healthy koi.

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