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The WA Dingo Association is a non-profit organization formed in 2005 by a small collection of WA Dingo guardians and enthusiasts.

Western Australia 6155
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With membership growing, we now count internationally renowned scientists amongst our ranks. WADA’s focus is on public education regarding the Dingo and to create more awareness of this much maligned Australian Canid.. Canis sp.dingo, a distinct and separate & unique species from the Wolf or Dog, now accepted as the living ancestor of all domestic dog breeds. The first 'proto-dog

Many myths and fallacies surround the Dingo, diminutive and naturally timid creatures that will favor “flight” over “fight” any day. Gentle, loving and affectionate, Dingoes are not “baby eating monsters” as they are often wrongly portrayed. Evolving and and adapting in the Australian environment for 18,000 - 28,000 years the Dingo fills the role of ecological stabilizer. It has been proven where stable Dingo packs live, there is greater bio-diversity. Where they are absent, introduced predators and other invasive species decimate the native flora and fauna. Currently being studied by scientists at the USA’s Harvard University they are thought to be as intelligent as some higher order primates. In their native country official policy in many states classify them as vermin to be wiped out at every opportunity, yet some have listed them as a vulnerable native species protected by law.

Without further research and awareness, the Dingo will go the way of the Thylacine. The WA Dingo Association gives regular talks & presentations along with members Dingoes, to community groups in WA. For further information or to book a presentation please email us at [email protected] ..... WADA President, Darren Griffiths.

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