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The Zoo and Aquarium Association is the peak body representing the zoo and aquarium community throughout Australasia.

New South Wales 2088
Phone02 9978 4797
Fax02 9978 4761
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The Association has 99 member organisations; 94 of these are zoos, aquariums and museums with the remainder consisting of universities, TAFEs and government departments.

The Association manages the coordination of breeding programs and sets the level of professional standards and practice for its members. It also provides general support and advice where required to its members and governments on a range of issues such as biosecurity, wildlife disease and species knowledge.

Our members engage over 17 million visitors and provide education to over 600,000 students each year. They run a plethora of conservation projects at home and overseas. In addition they provide an essential service through their wildlife hospitals. Most importantly they look after their animal collections which include over 1,200 vertebrate species. The Association aims to enhance these activities by enabling and facilitating collaboration across the membership.
The Association is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), where we are able to collaborate with 1,300 other zoos and aquariums linked through the WAZA network. Collectively we seek to contribute to conservation science, animal husbandry and animal welfare. See our partners page for more information.

More detail is provided throughout the website on what the Association and our member zoos and aquariums do. A summary is provided below with links to the relevant pages.

Breeding Programs
  • Over 110 Australia, New Zealand and exotic programs
  • International collaboration

Professional Standards
  • Animal Welfare
  • Accreditation
  • National Standards
  • Training and assessment tools to improve animal welfare knowledge and practice
  • Membership Eligibility
  • Biosecurity

Other Collaboration
  • Wildlife Disease Surveillance networks
  • Six networking groups for vets, educators, keepers and others
  • Disease preparedness and emergency planning
  • Workshops and conferences for knowledge sharing


Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC)
  • Cooperative Conservation Programs (CCP’s)
  • changes to the “Live Import List”
  • import or export of wildlife
  • confiscations of CITES species
Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)
  • Import Risk Analyses (IRA)
  • Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS)
  • Australian Wildlife Health Network (AWHN)
Australian Vertebrate Pests Committee (VPC)
  • Australian State Departments
  • Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC)
  • Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  • Queensland Biosecurity (DPI)
  • New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry(MAF)
  • New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
  • New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC)

Fast facts about zoos and aquariums

Zoos and aquariums are part of our community fabric providing activities for families, friends and tourists alike. There are over 17 million visitors each year to zoos and aquariums across New Zealand and Australia. 60% of international tourists visit our zoos and aquariums to experience the region’s unique wildlife.

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