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For Sale - Dunner/leatherback bearded dragons

West Pymble, NSW



I have some 5 month old bearded dragons for sale. Theyíve been fed very well. The lizards are eating woodies, crickets and veggies. They are all dunner, with a few also being leatherback. They have been handled since a very young age so they arenít skittish and have very good temperaments. The last pictures are of the parents. Mum is a dunner leatherback (with the purple/blue bars down her sides) and Dad is a rainbow dunner.

You must hold a current Reptile licence to purchase.

Prices are as follows:

#1 Male dunner leatherback - $300
#2 Female dunner leatherback - $300
#3 Female dunner - $300
#4 Female Dunner - $250
#5 Female Dunner - $250
#6 Female Dunner - $250
#7 Male dunner - $250

Photos donít come out in the best quality once posted with ad so more photos avaliable upon request - I also have a few more beardies avaliable but can only post 8 photos with the ad.


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For Sale - Dunner/leatherback bearded dragons

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