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For Sale - Parrots variety of handraised babies

Sydney, NSW


We have here for sale
at The Parrot Package in NSW

We Don't Just Sell Birds...we sell...FRIENDLY FEATHERED FRIENDS!

We have a wide selection of beautiful handraised birds throughout the year,
for those wishing to extend to their family.

Birds have a lifespan ranging from 20yrs - 80yrs pending the species.
Longer lives than most other pets we chose to own

We Don't Just Sell Birds...we sell...FRIENDLY FEATHERED FRIENDS!
all our babies are spoon fed not syringed fed. We like to take time in the feeding session.

Breeds available soon:

Greencheek conures .. Cinnamon,Pineapple,Yellowsideds

Sun & Janday Conures.


Violet Indian Ringnecks


Blue Quakers


Blue Fronted Amazons
Yellow Crowned Amazons
Double Yellow Headed Amazons

Major Mitchells

Black Cockatoos

Hahns Macaws

African Grey baby girl.... ready for Nov

Blue & Gold Macaw

We do also have a layby structure in place should you wish to make payments on a baby while awaiting

All our babies are bred in a well maintained aviary complex. All birds are fed top grade foods and formulas
They are raised in a fully functional baby nursery (photo included below),
set up like our family home .

They have TV, music, air con for comfort when needed...The Parrot Packages talking cd that is played, so teaching to talk is made easier. You can purchase this CD from us also.

Birds from small to large sizes

We have Quiet toned birds ...ones for unit living lifestyles that have great personalities and are stunning in looks

We love to educate people about owning birds, as they truly are wonderful pets to have.

Their life spans and much longer than those of our dogs & cats...being 25 yrs and up.

The ultimate pet to have is a bird as they learn to talk and do tricks if taught correctly

Relevant paperwork is provided to own and care for your chosen bird

Freighting available

& home delivery within 1-1/2 hr distance from Wollongong (additional cost )

Viewing is by appointment only so you do need to arrange a day & time with us.
Happy to have you along!

Watch our show we had on TV with Kerri-Anne Kennerly
go to You Tube
Type in MWKA and view our segment we had with our Macaws / Grey / Eclectus babies

Come visit our website our testimonials page as these
are from our customers

Face book .... The Parrot Package...come like us!

Contact Trish

Phone: 0403591287

Me & Franks Macaw baby
Me & Franks Macaw baby
African Greys
Green Quaker babies_10Jan13

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For Sale - Parrots variety of handraised babies

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