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For Sale - Quail frozen snake food-can freight

Brisbane, QLD



Quail Frozen snake food 2018

Bulk Buy save up to 10% on Adults and day olds .
1 day olds are 10 grams $2,00 each
1 week olds are 30 grams $3.00
2 week olds are 50 grams $4.00
3 week olds are 75 grams $5.00
4 week olds are 110 grams $6.00
6 week olds are 155 grams $7.00
Big Adults are 200 grams $9.00
Larger Adults @ 250 gms $10.00
Jumbo Quail are 350 grams $12.00
XX Jumbo are 450 grams $14.00
Japanese Quail is a great food and an excellent source of protein for pythons and other reptiles.
I feed my female pythons on adult Quail to condition them before breeding and hatchie pythons on DAY old quail.
Birds of prey, reptiles and wild carnivores thrive on a diet of feeder Quail, and
offering a naturally diverse diet can be very beneficial for reptiles in captivity.
In fact, offering Quail may be one solution for FUSSY snakes and other reptiles that are reluctant to eat.
By feeding Quail every second feed, those picky eaters get something different that will perk up their appetite.
Pythons, Roughies (Rough-scaled Pythons), Green Tree Pythons, BHP Big Olive pythons, Scrub pythons and various Monitor Lizards are a few of the reptiles that may enjoy the addition of Quail to their diet.
;Contact me for help in deciding which size weight and age Quail is right for your python

I have been breeding Quail for many years
Breeding Pythons for over 35 yrs.

Our animals are fed a scientifically designed and nutritionally complete diet resulting in a premium quality feeder quail. All feeder Quail are freshly frozen and C02 gassed. Animal Ethics Apply .

I have all sizes of frozen Quail from one day old to retired breeder Quail.
-see pictures for sizes. I can raise Quail to any size you like up to Adults.
Brisbane Quail

quail older chicks
quail older chicks
Prime Quail box of 30-500x500
Quail Adults frozen
Quail sized= 24cm adults
Quail Sizes -6
day old pic jap quail

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For Sale - Quail frozen snake food-can freight

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