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High-quality and 100% natural dog food

Fresh, Raw, Preservative free, Highest quality pet meat.

Free delivery to most Northern NSW areas.

Please contact us for further information and weekly specials!!


Kankool dog food products

Established more than 11 years ago, our 100% natural pet meats are perfect for dog breeders and pet owners across New South Wales.

We’re based in Willow Tree, NSW, and can deliver locally to those areas listed further down this page.

Fresh, high-quality meat

The meat that goes in to our products is the best possible that we can use. Free of any preservatives, we select the best meat available and meat this is fresh and raw.


Bulk order rates available

If you’re looking to place a bulk order, then we are happy to negotiate a bulk order pricing based on your requirements. Call or contact us today to discuss your needs.


100% Australian, family-owned

Kankool Pet Foods is family-owned and Australian born and bred. We’ve been part of the community in Willow Tree, NSW, for more than 11 years, and will be for many more.


Flexible to suit your needs

We have some variations we can apply to your order should you need it. Check out our Kankool pet food products page to find out more.


Paddock to bowl

We believe in only feeding dogs the best standard of meat possible, and so we produce our own, overseeing the entire process from paddock-to-bowl.

At Kankool Pets, we are proud to supply dog breeders, greyhound owners and dog owners with a product they can rely on. We understand the importance of supplying a nutritious and healthy dog food that is also tasty for the dog to eat.

We’ve perfected our process over many years and believe that we offer a truly unique, high-standard of meat that is all produced from our facility in Willow Tree, NSW. We firmly believe that it beats any product available on the market elsewhere.

a little bit about who we are and what we do

kankool pet foods


Based in Willow Tree, NSW, Kankool Pets have been producing dog food and supplying the local market for more than 11 years. Our refined process guarantees you some things that few others can, and it’s highly-unlikely any high street brands can get near to the quality of what we produce.

Why choose Kankool Pets for your next dog food order?

We’re fully in control of our production process from start to finish, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that everything that goes in to a Kankool Pet Foods meat product will be natural and free of preservatives.

high-quality dog food for breeders

kankool pet foods


If you’re a dog breeder, you will appreciate the importance of feeding your dogs high-quality food. A good meat can help promote a healthy dog on the inside and outside, which is essential in breeding.

Kankool Pets produce 100% natural meat for breeding dogs that has been perfected thanks to more than a decade in industry. We manage every single step of our production process, ensuring that your dog will be able to enjoy a tasty and fulfilling meal while giving it the strength, energy and wellbeing to fulfil its lifestyle.

let's talk.

We’re happy to hear from you if you have any other questions about us and our high-quality dog food products. Whether it’s the ingredients, production process or something else, get in touch with us

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