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Abbeyards Boarding Kennels and Cattery

A6 John Rogers Road
Queensland 4213
P 07 5530 5689
F 07 5530 5689
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   While you're away - Your pets can play!

Welcome to Abbeyards Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Abbeyards is the newest kennels on the Gold Coast and we would like to invite anyone who would like to look at the new facilities to come over during our inspection times.

Inspections - Monday to Friday - 11.00am to 2.00pm
Inspections - Saturday - 9am to 12.00pm

No appointment necessary
For any enquiries call Wendy today on (07) 5530 5689

Boarding Kennel Features

  • Grassed Yards
  • First 100% Air Conditioned Kennel on the Gold Coast
  • Brand New Building
  • Individual Kennels
  • No Sedation
  • Vet on Call
  • Sound Proof - Perfect to calm those pets who fret during storms
  • And much more...!
Our Services

Temperature Controlled
All kennels are Air-conditioned and kept at a constant 24 degrees summer and winter which is perfect for your pets that are most affected by heat and cold.

Fully Enclosed Kennels
Having the kennels fully enclosed stops snakes and prevents toads from getting in your pets water bowls. Because it is an enclosed indoor environment your pet will feel secure and safe. Perfect for those used to sleeping indoors and a treat for those who sleep outdoors.

Hydrobath - Flea and Tick Rinse Included
Your dogs get a Hydrobath flea and tick rinse every 4 days and the day before going home which keeps your dog safe, clean and comfortable. This practise keeps the kennels and your dogs bedding free of ticks and fleas.

Dog Food
We use "Advance" dog biscuits which is a vet recommended premium food and it is also Australian made. We supplement this with Chicken and Rice balls, Tuna and Roast Chicken. At your option you can choose to bring in your own food which we will give to your dog at no extra charge.

If your dog is allowed we will also give them a Schmacko or Liver treat before bed.

Cat Food
For your cats we also use "Advance" cat biscuits. We will have on hand Wiskas / Purr or Fancy Feast wet food which is given according to your regular feeding schedule. Just let us know what type of food your cat likes.

At your option you can choose to bring in your own food which we will give to your cat at no extra charge.

Grassed Run Yards
Your dogs go out into the grassed yards 4 times per day. In the morning while we clean out the kennels, before lunch, after lunch and after dinner just before bed time.

Bath and Brush
Your dog will get a bath every 4 days and the day before they leave the kennel. They will also get a brush when you pick them up. This will make them look good and smell nice for the trip home.

Your cat will also get a brush before going home.

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