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Ace Aquarium Pond Maintenance

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   We have been cleaning aquariums & cleaning ponds in the Melbourne area for 25 years.

Welcome to Ace Aquarium Pond Maintenance

Ace Aquarium Services maintains aquariums & ponds in the Melbourne area. Our clients include offices, professional waiting rooms, nursing or retirement homes, retail & domestic clients. Fish tanks and fish ponds have a proven relaxing effect as well as looking great. Let us professionally service your aquarium or pond & free up your time so you can enjoy the benefits. Regular servicing equals happier, healthier fish.

Established over 25 years, we have been cleaning & maintaining aquariums & ponds in the Melbourne area. Our large & loyal customer base is proof of our professional approach to our work & customer service.

Our Mission

  • Strict Quality Assurance guaranteed on every job, every time.
  • Reliability to turn up within 30 minutes of appointment time.
  • Trust – many of our customers give us their house keys & alarm codes.
  • Explanation of “why” a product or service is required.
  • Best quality conditioners & additives used – We don’t cut corners to save a few cents.
  • Very approachable for customer questions.
  • 30 day accounts to approved customer.

Aquarium Service

Aquarium Cleaning

Usually performed fortnightly or monthly. Regular servicing will keep your aquarium looking good & keep it healthy for the fish & plants.

The normal service includes:

  • Inspection of livestock & hardware operation.
  • 30% water change using gravel siphon.
  • Trimming of plants.
  • Filter clean.
  • Cleaning algae off glass.
  • Refilling with conditioned water, including water neutralizer & minerals.
  • Testing & adjustment of parameters & recording results for future reference.
  • Adding live “good” first generation bacteria.
  • Cleaning the glass exterior.

Additional Aquarium Services

  • Problem solving – Dying fish, excess algae, poor plant growth?
  • Filtration – Needing a new or better filter?
  • Water Quality – Poor water parameters?
  • General Advice – Sometimes you just need the right information!

Pond Service

Pond Cleaning

Whether your pond requires total cleaning or a pond management program, we have the experience & equipment to do the job.

Regular servicing keeps the pond visually appealing & removes toxins & sediment. An unsightly pond, non-breeding fish & stunted or non-existent plant growth may all be signs of a pond in desperate need of cleaning.

Complete Pond Cleaning

We recommend bi-annual complete pond cleaning or quarterly partial pond cleaning.

Remove fish & plants etc. from pond, drain, pressure spray, re-fill, add quality conditioners, add fish & plants. To reduce shock and ensure a stress free environment for the fish, we gradually acclimatise to the new pond conditions.

Pond Management Program

With the right hardware & servicing you can have a clean, clear pond all year. Book a consultation today & we will complete an assessment of your pond.

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