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What's in Store

Blueface Angelfish
A spectacular Angel, this species can do well if his needs are met. Making sure the Blueface Angel is boss of the tank will go a long way in helping him adapt. Initially shy, the Blueface can become bold over time, but is less aggressive than many angels.

Sohal Tang
This Stunning Red Sea fish is white with black lines on the body, black fins and an orange spine in front of the tail. Although this is one of the boldest members of the tang family, it is also the hardiest and easiest to keep of them all!!

Majestic Angelfish
One of the keys to keeping it successfully is it must be kept with exceptionally peaceful tankmates. It will not adapt if it senses a threat from tankmates.

Purple Tang
This beautiful Red Sea fish is purple with a yellow tail. The purple tang is typically among the more aggressive members of the genus, and is very hardy. It may chase fish with similar feeding behavior or shape, but typically gets along well in the commun

Black Tang
Black Tangs are few and far between, there's always a waiting list and they sell in an instant. Be prepared to jump on it immediately when one becomes available!

Queen Angelfish
This fish is usually the show piece or prized specimen for hobbyists with the right tank setup and they are truly an awesome fish.

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