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MauZaire Ocicats is a small cattery dedicated to showing and breeding quality, true to type ocicats.


We are Australia's newest Ocicat breeder, having only recently discovered the breed. After, for some time doing research into Australia's cat breeds to find the purrfect cat to introduce into our hearts and home, we found the Ocicat. The Ocicat encompasses everything we were looking for in a cat, a large robust cat, with the wild look and the temperament of a domestic pussy cat, with personality plus.

MauZaire Ocicats is a newly established cattery in Brisbanes north, we endevour to import only the best quality ocicats available.

We have only recently discovered this little known breed and we hope to do our best to better and preserve the ocicat for generations to come.

The ocicat is still quite a new breed to Australia with very few breeders operating, importing and health testing to improve the Ocicat.

We hope that through importing, showing and breeding our ocicats we can create awareness of the breed and create important new blood lines into the very small gene pool.

Ocicats are a large spotted, well-muscled cat with the look of a wild ocelot. The first Ocicat was created by cross breeding the Abysinnian with the Siamese, the intention was to create an abypoint Siamese but the result was something very different.

Ocicats are said to be dog like in nature, in that they are dedicated to their owners; they will greet you at the door, follow you around the house, "help" you make the beds and some even love to play fetch. They are always where the action is, your never alone with an ocicat in your home.


Cookies is our foundation queen who's come to us from New Zealand. She's true to type, she's very active, inquisitive and intelligent. Her show results so far have been promising, placing reserve best kitten in show and 3rd best kitten in show.

Both her parents are PRA normal and negative for Tritrichomonas feotus and she has tested normal/Clear for PKYDY.

"Yoda" has just come to from New Zealand. He is an impressively handsome young man and has loads of personality. We look forward to a very promising show career. Thank you to Jody Robison-Wildey for giving us this opportunity.

Yoda is PRA, HCM and PKYDY normal/negative by parentage.

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