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Amberly Boarding Kennels

ASouthern River
Western Australia 6110
P 08 9490 6045
M0438 906 045
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Welcome to our large and modern boarding kennels which have been described as one of the best in the Perth Metropolitan area

Amberly Boarding Kennels

We have all of the latest facilities for boarding of your pets. The owners - Denise and Colin Stagoll have been in the Boarding Kennel business for approximately 10 years and are able to cater for all sorts of dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a professional service second to none and able to look after a great deal of different breeds and personalities. We know that your dog is special and is part of your family and we treat them the same when they are boarded with us.

We have just opened a cattery at our kennels to enable those people with cats to board all their animals at the same facility and this takes the worry from you having to deal with more than one person. So if you have dogs or cats or both, they can be catered for and you can rest assured that that they are receiving the best attention that we can offer.

Kennel Info

Our kennels are in the designated kennel zone of Southern River and are in tranquil surroundings with plenty of grass areas to cater for your dogs. Your dog will love it as they receive individual attention. Our grass runs are designed to allow for only one familyís dogs to run together Ė there is no mixing of dogs unless the owner requests. You wonít have to worry about your dog/s being attacked by another when you board with Amberly Boarding Kennels.

We have especially large kennels to enable more than one dog to be housed when they are from the same family. If you have one, two or even three dogs, they can be housed in the same kennel and can continue to sleep together in the same way they do at home.

Bookings and Prices
Bookings are essential. Please call us on 9490 6045 or email us at [email protected]

We have included a booking form for your completion and return in this website.


A flat rate of $20 is payable per day per dog that the dog is boarded with Amberly Boarding Kennels, so if you have large dogs or small dogs, they all receive the same attention for the same price.

A flat rate of $15 is payable per day per cat that the cat is boarded with Amberly Boarding Kennels. Our cattery can cater for more than one cat in the same cage, so if you have more than one cat, they can be boarded together.

If you wish to board for longer periods so that you can have that extended holiday you deserve, we can offer discounts to enable you to save some money as we feel that once the dog and cat has settled with us, they are more easy to look after.

Vaccinations are essential at Amberly as we donít want he spread of disease. Your dogs must be vaccinated to the C4 or C5 level. Your cats must be vaccinated to the approved level
As a courtesy we ask that you do not visit a veterinarian in the 10 days prior to coming to Amberly as some diseases take 10 days to incubate and we donít want your dog or other dogs (cats) to suffer. We are proud of our disease free history and we know that your dog or cat will enjoy their stay with us.

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