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Michel Fardell
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Our beginnings as breeders of Ragdolls was as Shelzdollz in 2012, changing to Amjance Ragdolls in 2014.

Our Beginnings

Hi, my name is Michel and I live on the beautiful Fraser Coast of Queensland.  Together with my partner Micheal, we have a small ragdoll cattery in our home.

I first saw ragdolls on Burke’s Backyard and immediately wanted one for myself.  But that want was put on hold until 2008 when I purchased my first 2 ragdolls, Ron and Hermione, from a backyard breeder.  They were quickly desexed and live a life of luxury.

But this was not enough for me, and in July 2012 I finally got my first registered ragdoll, CH Kelanrowe Ly Shan, or Sharni, and my dream of being a registered breeder was on its way.

Sharni soon gave me some beautiful babies and the dream was well and truly alive.

From that point, there was no stopping me.  I purchased some more adult breeding cats and was soon living my dream. 

I am retired now and spend all my time with my babies, giving over my home to my beautiful cats.  They are my life and I treasure every moment I spend with them.

Because of this attention that is paid to my cats and their babies, they have all been able to walk out of their carry crates into their new homes, and take over as if they have always been there, and in the process taking over the hearts of their new families as well.

My obsession with my cats naturally progressed to wanting to show my beautiful cats to the world on the show bench, and so began a new chapter of my breeding journey.

The 2015 show season saw me secure enough with the quality of cats I am breeding to show some of my home grown babies.

Amjance Ariana Grande is one of these babies and has done me so proud last year and with the new show season due to start, I am hoping to continue that success into the adult ring.  The best thing about this is that Ariana Grande, Ari, is the great granddaughter of my lovely Sharni, whose legacy and influence continues.

Amjance only breeds from cats that have been tested and cleared from HCM and PKD, hereditary diseases which are devastating to both the cat and the owner.  Health to us is just as important as the rest of the package.

We also only breed from cats that typify the Ragdoll Standard, and are very critical of the cats we choose to keep, only keeping the very best of our breeding to carry on the standard we have achieved.

We welcome visitors into our home to visit our ragdolls, but this has to be by appointment only, as this is also our home as well as the home of our cats.

Being a registered breeder with Queensland Feline Association is important to us.  We abide by their code of ethics and rules with all that we do.

Why Buy An Amjance Kitten

Why Buy an Amjance Kitten? Because we care about each and every little soul we choose bring into the world

Amjance Ragdolls is a small cattery registered with the Queensland Feline Association (QFA).   We are located on the beautiful Fraser Coast in Queensland and have been breeding quality Ragdolls for 3 years.

We are very proud of all the babies we have raised and the lovely cats they have become. We believe in quality breeding over quantity breeding. It's this distinction that sets us apart from other breeders.

The way a kitten is raised is paramount in making sure they are well adjusted, socialised and ready to be loved by their new families immediately.

Amjance kittens are raised in a loving environment in our home, making sure each kitten is completely socialised, that they have outstanding temperaments and make the perfect pets for any home environment. They are raised underfoot with children, other cats and other animals, meaning when they come to you the transition into your home is seamless. They go to their forever homes, strolling in and strutting around like they have always lived there their entire life. They will climb straight onto your lap and into your heart forever.

All Amjance kittens come from clean parental lines against common genetic conditions and our breeding program is of the highest quality. We take great lengths to be certain all Amjance kittens are healthy and well adjusted before they leave us.  We ensure each and every kitten is going into a home that they will thrive in. It is of paramount concern that kittens are adopted into home dynamics with kittens specific personalities are the perfect fit. Due to the way our kittens are raised the vast majority will adapt to any home environment very easily. As ethical breeders we make sure our babies and adopting families have the most positive experience possible.

Transport interstate can be arranged and many of our kittens have found their forever homes outside of Queensland and transportation is arranged in such a way there is minimal stress for both you and your new furbaby.

We are happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have before you adopt an Amjance kitten. We also love to hear from Amjance families about how our kittens are growing, the antics the cheeky little monkey's pull and of course photographs of them being adored.

When you adopt an Amjace kitten and you get him/her at 12 weeks they are microchipped and registered, desexed and with their first two immunisations. You will also receive a kitten pack and their pedigrees will be sent to you by the QFA when they have been processed.

For all enquiries contact us today!

Member of QFA since 2012

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