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At Animal Education all animal training and behaviour problems are dealt with using gentle methods, both old and new, based on animal psychology according to the individual animals needs.

Welcome to Animal Education

At Animal Education, Kate uses dog training methods are based on natural canine communication and animal psychology. This involves understanding what the dog is thinking and approving or correcting the thought in the dog's mind before it becomes a actual behaviour.

The method used to achieve this is observing left and right brain reactions and adjusting our responses accordingly. The right brain handles all the dogs instant behaviours, flight, fight, chasing prey, anyhting the dog does automatically. Left brain is the logic side, where a dog will figure out an easier way to do things. This is where you want them to be, thinking "yes, what can I do for you?"

The handler is then taught how to use the dog's own canine body language to communicate back to the dog, instead of confusing it with human (primate) body language.

Dog Kennels

Kate prides herself on the standard of her canine facilites. Not simply a dog kennel, the large dog complex consists of 14 dog bedrooms, very large runs and an equipment room in a spacious, shady bush environment. The complex is right beside the house so dogs are close, not far away.

The dogs have things for dogs to do, sticks to chew, toys to play with, trees to pee on, are allowed to dig holes and have plenty of room to run around. A radio runs 24 hrs a day. Kennel access doors are rigged with cabling, so dogs who are taught not to be handled by other people or are bait-proofed can be boarded without disruption to any previous training.

Horse Training

Kate uses horse training methods based on natural horsemanship from both modern and ancient techniques. Kate has been handling her own horses and riding since she was 7 years old. As an adult, Kate has studied the methods of both Australian and overseas trainers such as Merv Kildey, JD Wilton, Steve Bradey, Tom Dorrance, and the more well-known natural horseman Pat Parelli, Monty Roberts and John Lyons.

Keeping the animal calm, thinking logically and in the left side of it's brain is the key to communicating with horses. Herd psychology is the basis for this ongoing communication which will make your horse want to be with you. If you want your horse to be different from all the rest, Kate will teach you how.

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