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Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation Centre

Victoria 3912
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Our Centre provides physical rehabilitation treatment programs for Canines, Felines and Equines following surgery or injury. It is the only one of its kind in Victoria. Our facility includes small and large animal Physiotherapy, Canine Hydrotherapy, a full equine stabling facility and boarding in-patient facility for dogs.
We also make a wide range of mobility aids for mobility impaired pets and Aussie Dog Wheelchairs (dog carts) for disabled pets. Please check out our online store. We are the proud manufacturers of the only Australian made Pet Wheelchair. Our products are shipped world wide.

About Us

Aquapaws is staffed by our experienced qualified Physiotherapist Jodie Furness, who has her Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, and Jo Woolley who is an internationally qualified Canine Hydrotherapist and Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.

Our mission is to offer a unique service to our clients and referring veterinarians. We work in association with veterinary surgeons to provide assessment and appropriate treatment plans for muscular, skeletal and neurological injuries to animals. Our goal is to greatly improve the quality of life for your pet by offering the best available rehabilitation and pain management therapy, as well as provide a highly accessible and cost effective physical conditioning program for your pet.

Our services are provided in a comfortable and caring atmosphere where we strive to strengthen your pet's physical well being. All of our equipment has been designed and built exclusively for canine use.

"We have seen excellent results from dogs suffering from degenerative joint disease, or recovering from surgery or an injury, being returned to their previous and often times greater, quality of life"
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Your pet's care is important to us and we will make every effort to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the services and products we offer.

If you are not able to access our facility due to distance, please call us. We offer phone consultations and support during your pets rehabilitation no matter where you live!

At Aquapaws, your best friend is treated like one of our family…

Our Facilities
Our facility was carefully designed with your pets safety, comfort and optimal recovery in mind. At Aquapaws you will find non-slip floors, which prevent further injury to your pet. It is air-conditioned and heated for comfort, in a safe, open plan design.

All of our equipment has been designed and built exclusively for canine use.
The centre is situated on our farm 'Kilara' in Somerville, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, just 15 minutes from KCC Park, Skye.


Therapy Options

Most people are familiar with the use of Hydrotherapy and physical rehabilitation for various human medical and surgical conditions and wonder why post-surgery or post-injury instructions for dogs most often consist of directions only to keep them confined or on short leash walks for 2 - 8 weeks.

Hydrotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation for dogs is a relatively new field but we are seeing significant benefits to the use of appropriate hydrotherapy and physical rehabilitation techniques, just as its seen in human medicine.

A multi modal approach to pain management and injury recovery is proving to have the most effective and prompt results. Using the latest technology and therapeutic modalities, we are able to help relieve pain, speed recovery after surgery and promote overall good body condition.

A typical rehabilitation program after surgery which includes Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy, runs once per week for 6 weeks at a cost of around $350.00.

The type of dog, type of injury, severity of the injury, athleticism and the expected results determines individual treatment plans. The treatment frequency and duration depends on the realistic functional goals of your pet.
Canines requiring rehabilitation for pre and post operative conditions, obesity and arthritic management programs, will be accepted on a veterinary referral basis only.
Referring veterinarians and owners are continually updated on the dogs progress, ensuring a healthier pet in the long run. We encourage owner involvement and will tailor a home care maintenance program that fits your lifestyle and your pet's individual needs, which may form a vital part of your pets treatment plan.

We recommend the use of a dog coat after treatment in the cooler months to keep your dog warm. We have specially designed Therapy Coats available for hire for the duration of your dogs course of treatment or they can be made to measure for outright purchase if required.

What is Animal Physiotherapy?

Following veterinarian diagnosis, Physiotherapy Rehabilitation helps to reduce pain, improve joint range of motion and strength, restore normal movement patterns and improve quality of life.

Animal Physiotherapy can assist in relieving pain and improving function of Performance and Companion animals. Just as with humans, physiotherapy can be of benefit following Orthopaedic and Neurological surgery, muscular stains and tears, ligament injuries, as well as management of degenerative conditions such as arthritis and hip and elbow dysplasia.

Treatment techniques may include passive and active assisted mobilization of joints, massage, dry needling, trigger point therapy, stretching and exercise programs.

Canine Hydrotherapy

Swimming your dog is the perfect activity for young or old. Canine Hydrotherapy is a non-weight bearing activity that avoids all the stresses and strains of exercising on hard ground. And dogs love it!

The Canine Underwater Treadmill

The Canine Underwater Treadmill provides low impact exercise in a reduced gravity environment. Exercise is done in water to help dogs regain strength, reduce swelling and stiffness, improve range of motion, strengthen and tone muscles, improve circulation and cardiovascular fitness and endurance, while reducing the risk of further injury. By adjusting the height of the water, up to 60% of weight on dogs limbs can be reduced and the speed of exercise can be varied. Water also provides resistance with every stride which helps improve muscle strength.

Swimming in a pool or at the beach can lead to further injury or post exercise soreness as movement cannot be controlled. Using the Canine Underwater Treadmill dogs are in a controlled environment and specific muscle groups can be targeted. The warmth of the water in Canine Underwater Treadmill eases pain and is kept at a constant 32 degrees.

Massage Therapy for pets

Massage Therapy for pets is used in conjunction with other treatments to relieve tension and improve muscle function. A combination of soft tissue manipulation, stretching and corrective exercises are used to relax muscles, decrease soreness, increase range of motion, ease stiffness, promote circulation and tissue drainage, and increase proprioception (limb awareness). Massage techniques are used to relieve muscle tightness resulting from injury, surgery, poor confirmation, or athletic performance.

Soft tissue manipulation can also help to realign scar tissue, relieve associated muscle spasm and release adhesions that have formed. Muscle Therapy for pets helps to re establish the circulation necessary for the body's natural healing process, returning it to the best possible function and athletic ability.

Therapeutic Exercises for pets

Therapeutic Exercises for pets address many different needs. Specialised exercises are used to help increase circulation, decrease pain and maintain joint and soft tissue flexibility. Therapeutic Exercises for pets are also used to preserve range of motion and muscle mass, challenge healing tissues during recovery, develop balance and co ordination which increases limb usage and decreases the odds of re injury. Whether it is a performance dog preparing for competition or a dog learning to walk again, we are able to meet their needs.

Dog Boarding For Special Needs

We offer Dog Boarding for Special Needs pets. This may be especially beneficial if you are not able to adequately supervise your pet at home following surgery due to work commitments and need just Day Care and supervision. If you live too far away for regular treatment, this is also a great option.

Our Dog Boarding Kennels are also available for owners who cannot or do not want to perform after surgery care, or if you live too far away to easily get your pet to us for regular treatment.

If you do have a Special Needs Pet and just need a holiday, we are more than happy to accommodate them.

Our Kennel is suitated at our Rehabilitation Centre on 10 acres of farm land on the Mornington Peninsula. There are plenty of other animals who are permanent residents here which include chooks, horses and cows. Your dog will never be board! One of our frequent guests will round up the chooks in her wheelchair!

Interstate patients are also welcome. We have had visitors from Sydney, Canberra, South Australia, Country Victoria and even Tasmania! Travel arrangements can be made by calling the centre on 03 59 778 841.

Dog Grooming - Exclusive Grooming Service for pets

We have an Exclusive Dog Grooming Service attached to our centre which is provided by Pooches Professional Dog Grooming. We offer an all inclusive professional grooming service. We spend extra time and effort with your dog to ensure that a professional finish to your dogs coat is achieved. An experienced qualified Pet Stylist and Companion Animal Hygienist carries out all grooming. Our Salon uses the most modern and up to date Dog Grooming equipment and only uses top quality shampoos and conditioners, which are matched to your dogs coat and skin type.

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