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Aragormore Ragdolls

ABrowns Plains
Queensland 4118
M0404 385 998
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   At Aragormore Ragdolls, we breed Truly Beautiful Purebred Ragdolls.

Welcome to Aragormore Ragdolls

We breed Truly Beautiful Purebred Ragdolls at Aragormore Ragdolls. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

About Us
  • We are Mother and Daughter "Doreen and Jerry".
  • We live in South East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • We are Registered Breeders with QFA (Queensland Feline Association).
With our love for cats, We started with one Ragdoll and found we wanted more, hence our name "A rag or more".

Our Ragdolls are so addictive that you might not be able to stop at just one, you might just need A-rag-or-more ♥

Aragormore Ragdolls is truly a 100% closed cattery. No cats are brought in, lent out or swapped around for any amount of time.

Stud services are NOT available. Vasectomised Male services are NOT availaible. Please do not ask to save yourself from disappointment.

Our Ragdoll Cats are
  • Strickly indoor cats
  • Ragdolls have sapphire blue eyes, semi-long hair, lovely fur colouring and patterns
  • Low maintenance fur - Requires less brushing (their fur feels like soft Mohair Rabbits fur
  • Ragdolls are loyal, affectionate and friendly. They are the perfect companion
  • Intelligent - they can be taught to walk on a harness lead and fetch toys
  • They are child and pet friendly as they are a placid breed

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