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Private Tuition – We Come to You
Tailored to suit the individual needs for you, your family, your dog
Quick Results, Long Term Benefits

Welcome to AUSDOG

Established in 1991, AUSDOG is a fully licensed and insured dog training company in Melbourne. Owned and operated by leading dog trainer and behavioural specialist John Harkin, AUSDOG is the standard by which other dog training businesses are compared.

We come to you

At AUSDOG, we believe that the secret to happy, confident and well behaved family companions is training them in their natural environments. At home, along neighbourhood streets, at the local park – wherever your puppy or dog spends its days.

That’s why we come to you for all consultations and lessons. We service a long list of Melbourne suburbs and offer flexible appointments 7 days a week.

A very special style of dog training

Privately owned and operated, AUSDOG is not a franchise operation. So you can rest assured that we steer clear of stock-standard, cookie-cutter approaches to dog training.

So what do we teach? Let’s just say you won’t find it in a book or via Google.

As a professional dog trainer for over 30 years, John Harkin has developed and refined his own effective strategies to training and behaviour management. Centred on principles of positive reinforcement, he treats all dogs as individuals and knows how to get results – in a fraction of the time you would expect.

Puppy Training

Give your puppy the best possible start. Adorable can turn to naughty very quickly

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a special time. You can’t get enough of their cuddles and cuteness – at least until the weeing, chewing, biting or jumping begins.

Did you know that the first 18 weeks of your puppy’s life is the most crucial learning period? So you don’t have much time for false starts. And remember: a naughty, untrained puppy can quickly become a badly behaved adult dog.

We give you the solid foundation you need

At AUSDOG, we come to your home to help you set a solid foundation for your pup’s future good behaviour. Through education and support, we help you:
  • Settle your puppy into its new environment
  • Establish designated feeding, sleeping and toilet areas
    Implement a routine to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn how to handle and communicate with your puppy – the right way, right away
Simple, straightforward advice for the whole family

Biting, chewing and jumping are not part and parcel of puppy rearing. These behaviours can be avoided. And if they’ve already started? You can and should correct them as soon as possible.

We help you and your children address the specific challenges that come with bringing a new puppy into your home – such as:
  • Nipping, chewing, mouthing or biting
  • Jumping on family members and visitors
  • Crying and separation anxiety
  • Pulling on lead and poor behaviour with other dogs
  • Setting physical boundaries in the home
  • Overexcitement and unnecessary barking
  • Digging, burying and other destructive behaviours

Dog Training

All ages. All problems. Most breeds. In-home dog training that gets results.

Effective dog training can make all the difference between enjoying your much-loved companion for many years – or ending up with a costly, troublesome liability.

At AUSDOG, we can help your dog achieve its potential with dog training that’s always:
  • Conducted in your dog’s natural environment
  • Tailored to your dog’s temperament and your lifestyle
  • Centred on positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Involving the whole family – including your children
  • Based on simple, practical advice that’s easy to implement

Dog Behaviour Management

Facing a severe behavioural problem?

Is your adult or adolescent dog displaying a particularly difficult behaviour that you’re at a loss on how to handle? Are you at your wit’s end and thinking of giving up?

Well, don’t! It’s not necessarily too late to overcome the challenge you are facing. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised about how little it can take to get things back on track.

As specialists in remedial dog behavioural management and modification, we can help you with all complex behaviours including:
  • Anxiety: regarding separation in specific situations, towards people or other dogs
  • Aggression: regarding food or towards adults, children or other dogs
  • Disobedience: ignoring commands, pulling on its lead, bolting across the road
  • Destructive behaviours: digging, stealing, scratching doors, chewing
  • Biting: including nipping and mouthing
  • Excessive behaviours: overexcitement, barking, jumping, licking

Breed Consultation

Advice you won’t find in a book – or on the internet, The costs of a poor decision.

Purchasing a puppy can be expensive. But if you choose the wrong breed, it could cost you a lot more in the long run – in both dollars and stress.

Then there’s also the long-term impact it could have on your dog.

Sadly, we hear of too many cases of unhappy dogs, frazzled owners and needless rehoming (or worse, euthanasia) – all resulting from poor or ill-advised breed selections.

Your lifestyle and circumstances matter

With so many breeds (and now cross-breeds) to choose from, selecting the right one is a difficult but critical decision. And just because you might like the ‘look’ of a particular breed, doesn’t mean it’s suitable for you.

There are many reasons why a dog might be right for one person but wrong for another. And there are many factors to consider in your assessment – including your home, garden, lifestyle, children, commitments, neighbours, your life stage, your health and your bank account.

Our expertise can make all the difference

Although many books and websites can help you critique dog breeds, they can’t always be relied upon. Beware of stereotypes too. Many retrievers have no desire to retrieve. And many herding dogs have no herding instincts.

After 30 years of training dogs in their homes, AUSDOG is very well placed to help you make the best choice. Our recommendations are always unbiased – and based on first-hand knowledge of the many breeds
(and thousands of dogs) we have encountered.




As a premium service and product provider, we supply only the best quality to our clients when it comes to dog food.

That is why we proudly recommend ADVANCE, Australian Made, and in our opinion second to none.

All ADVANCE products are developed specifically to meet your companion dogs needs over the various life stages of your pet from puppy to adult to senior.

ADVANCE products are made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients and is the only Super Premium petfood that has been developed in Australia for Australian pets in association with Waltham, the worlds leading authority on petcare and nutrition.

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ADVANCE is also recommended by veterinarians.


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