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   Our products are designed to simulate natural enrichment behaviours; the chase, the hunt, and foraging.

Our dog toys and enrichment products are approved by animal trainers, behaviour specialists, veterinarians and zoo keepers worldwide. Aussiedog is about having fun, stimulating animals and improving the life experience of your dog and all animals via safe, durable enrichment products.

A Quick Introduction

Aussie Dog is about providing fun and enrichment for all animals via interactive and environmental enrichment products.

Our products are SAFE and durable, designed to simulate natural enrichment behaviours like the chase, hunting, and foraging.

Our Research & Data practices involve many Australian and overseas zoos, veterinarians, behaviour specialists and trainers in order to design, improve and trial all our products, as a result our products have gained approval from many people in these fields due to the high quality and safety of the products.

It is a proven fact that animals are healthier, happier and more active when their lives are enriched with AussieDog enrichment products.

Browse our web site for an extensive range of enrichment products for all animals, including toys, transportation, training aids and more.


Lisa Daniels
Hi, I just wanted to let 'Aussie Dog' know how much my 2 Aussie Bulldogs love your products. Their favourite is the Home Alone toy. If I let them they'd play with it for hours on end. I think they think it's alive! They have managed to break every toy that I've ever given them except for your products...and trust me they have really tried to break them! It's been a great investment for my 2 destructor bulldogs. Thanks, Lisa

Sincerely, L.Y - Southern U.S.A
Thanks for the message Joe. My dogs play with the Home Alone toy hanging from the tree about 20 times a day! And the Frisbees are fantastic! No bleeding mouths from sharp edges. I am picking up my new Cattle Dog rescue on Saturday. He is a very stocky 5 month old blue boy. I am going to start him on weight pulling and mushing right away so he can join my team. Do you have weight pulls in Australia? Cattle dogs love it! Do you do any scootering or bikejoring? That's mostly what I do as we don't get much snow here.

M.W - Queensland
A Poem for Aussie Dog: My German Shepherd Ben had his birthday yesterday We all knew what to get him because all he does is play His Aunty Penny gave him a new Aussie Dog toy It's all he plays with now it brings him so much joy He gets it in his mouth and swings it to and fro If you try and take it from him he will never let it go He takes it to the toilet and at night he puts it in his bed I seriously think it's sent him a bit crazy in the head

A.F - New South Wales
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Approximately 7 months ago I purchased several Aussie Dog toys for my two Labrador retrievers (one of whom has destroyed every other toy under the sun). They love them and the toys still have plenty of life left in them. I conduct dog obedience training classes and have been recommending your products to other dog owners with "destroyer" dogs. Currently I am employed as a veterinary nurse and am about to commence conducting Puppy Pre-school classes at the veterinary clinic. I sought approval from my employer to recommend Aussie Dog products in these classes. He was extremely impressed by the products and we will be using them during classes. He also requested that I investigate the possibility of purchasing Aussie Dog Toys wholesale for retail sale through our three veterinary clinics (in NSW). I would be grateful if you would e-mail or post details of wholesale prices/quantities. Once again, thank you for the wonderful toys. I will send photos of my labbies and the puppy pre-school pups enjoying them.

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