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All Your Doggie Needs for All Breeds!

Full Service Salon for Dogs of All Breeds

The Ballarat Doggie Salon have been grooming and pampering doggies throughout the greater Ballarat area since November of 2007. Our all-female team are dedicated to making sure every dog we groom is comfortable and at ease during their stay, so they will feel great from the moment they walk in until the second they leave with their stylish new look! We have worked with nearly every breed of dog you can imagine, and we will make sure that your furry little family members look their best when we’re finished.

About Us

More Than 20 Years of Combined Experience

The talented all-female staff at The Ballarat Doggie Salon are dedicated to providing a high level of service to all the lovable doggies in our community. Since November 2007, we have worked hard to build a sterling reputation on a foundation of high quality service at affordable prices. We also have a wide range of care products, medication, food and other items you need to enhance your doggie’s quality of life. Our staff have experience with nearly every breed of dog, so you can rely on us to meet your pet’s needs, no matter how big or small your dog is.

All-Female Staff with Experience in All Breeds of Dogs

Our love of dogs doesn’t end when our workday ends. We all have a deep love for dogs, with a lifestyle involving dogs outside of the shop, as well. We will treat your furry family member just like a member of our own family and make sure he or she is comfortable throughout the entire visit.


Nail Clipping Services

You may want to get your dog’s nails clipped just to get rid of that clicking sound whilst he or she walks, but there are more reasons to keep the nails trimmed. Because your dog walks on his or her toes, those long fingernails can cause pain, especially if they start to curl back into the pads of his or her paws. You also have to consider that the longer your dog’s nails get, the more likely they are to get caught on carpeting or other things, causing painful tears and possible infections. Call us to schedule an appointment to get your dog’s nails properly trimmed.

Washing Services

Making sure your dog is properly washed is important for more than just making sure he or she smells nice. It’s also important to make sure your dog doesn’t have any fleas or ticks or to keep your dog’s fur from becoming matted and possibly attracting all sorts of parasites. We will use the proper shampoo for your breed to make sure his or her coat is clean, shiny and 100% healthy. Call us to schedule an appointment to shampoo your dog!

Grooming Services

Even with proper bathing, your dog needs to be properly groomed, especially with the longer-haired breeds. Your dog’s fur and hair need to be trimmed properly to avoid matting and avoid his or her fur becoming a hotbed for fleas, ticks and other insects that can risk the health of your dog. We can make sure your dog is properly groomed with a healthy coat. Call us to schedule an appointment.

To schedule an appointment with us and join our growing list of satisfied clients, call us today!

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