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New Dog? Naughty Dog? New Owner?
Behaviour modification for dogs and their owners

Specialising in:
  • Puppies
  • Adolescent & Older Dogs
  • Growly Dogs
  • In-home Consultations
  • Group Classes
Servicing Port Stephens, Newcastle, Lower Hunter and Central Coast

Our Classes

Puppy Classes:
  • A four-week course
  • 1.25 hrs per week

New Lambton Vet Clinic - 6pm

Cardiff Vet Clinic - 6.30pm
Motto Farm Vet Clinic - 6.30pm

Salamander Bay Vet Clinic - 7pm
Warners Bay Vet Clinic - 6.15pm

Cooks Hill Vet Clinic - 6pm
Shoal Bay Vet Clinic - 6pm

Noahs Ark Vet Clinic Nelson Bay - 4pm
Animal Krackers Pet Supplies - 2.30pm

Adolescent Classes:
  • A series of 3 graded courses starting at our “Good Manners” course and going through to our “Tricks and Off-lead” course.
  • Each course is six-weeks
  • 1 hour per week
  • Completion of the 3 levels of adolescent training qualify you for VIP membership. This entitles you to any course for half price for that dog, for the life of the dog.

Warners Bay Vet - 6pm, 7.30pm

Warners Bay Vet - 6pm

Warners Bay Vet - 7.30pm

Shoal Bay Vet - 7.30pm

Lochinvar Pet Motel - 2.30pm

Belmont Park Boarding Kennels, Williamtown
9am, 10.30am, 12.00pm

Cubbins Boarding Kennels, One Mile/Anna Bay
9am, 10.30am

Classes for Reactive Dogs:

We have 2 models for reactive dogs:
  1. Growly Dog Classes, an 8-week course, an hour a week. Small numbers in the class and very passive activities in the presence of other dogs.
  2. BAT Classes, intermittent 2-hour sessions for only four dogs. Focus here is on the dog’s body language and what it is telling us when it is stressed.

Warners Bay Vet - 7.30pm

Belmont Park Boarding Kennels
9am, 10.30am

In-Home Consultations:
  • Two-hour appointments in your home.
  • Appointments available Monday to Saturday

About Us

Julie Tolliday has a teaching diploma in behavioural science. She began her life as a behaviourist teaching children. When she took on a rescue dog with excessive baggage in 2000 she needed to learn about what causes such issues in dogs. Her agenda was to do this using positive principles just as she had done to change children’s behaviours. So began her journey into Behaviour Modification for Dogs and Their Owners.

She is a very committed member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), keeping in touch with current trends through their journals, conferences and seminars.

Julie is a member and supporter of Hunter Animal Rescue (HAR). She is often called upon by carers and new owners to give advice on dog behaviour, as well as running seminars for HAR.

In association with The Pet Shop Boyz, Julie is sometimes invited to speak on Pet Chat, a program on Newcastle's 2NUR-FM. She talks about topics related to dog behaviour problems and answers callers' questions on air.

Michelle Hamilton began her association with Julie’s training methods as she searched for answers to some of her younger Beagle’s quirky behaviours. Completing home visits and adolescent training with both of her Beagles has kindled an interest in doing more to help others with puzzling puppy problems. Currently Michelle assists with Adolescent classes and Growly Dog classes at Williamtown and Warners Bay. She too is a member of APDT and is about to undertake studies for Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training.

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