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Breeders of Macquarie short neck and long neck turtles - free delivery to Sydney Metro area

Welcome to Bathurst Turtles

Australian Fresh Water Turtles are extremely fascinating and interactive animals. And one of the easiest pets to keep. The majority of turtles kept in captivity are Murray River Short-Necked Turtles and Eastern Snake-Necked or Long-Necked Turtles.

Did you know?
  • Baby turtles or hatchlings are often referred to as Penny Turtles.
  • Turtles will slowly grow to 30cm, it takes them 12 years to mature.
  • Well cared for turtles will live for 40 years or more in captivity.

We, at Bathurst Turtles are licensed NSW Animal Keepers and have Murray River Short-Necked Turtles and Eastern Snake-Necked Turtles breed in our own set-up, for sale most of the year.

Turtle Care

There are some basic husbandry requirements that need to be adhered to (such as water quality, adequate ultra violet light, food etc.) to keep your turtle healthy. All you need to know is fully explained in Craig Latta's comprehensive "Care Guide for Australian Freshwater Turtles in Captivity" and should be followed closely.

Feeding Your Turtle

Diet should be varied as much as possible.

Feed your turtle once per day, a piece of food the size of it's head, until it's 12 months old.

Over 12 month feed only three to four days per week.

  • Frozen Blood Worms
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Dried Cat Food
  • Turtle Pellets
  • Chopped Yabbies &/Or Freshwater Prawns
  • Live Feeder Fish
  • Frozen Turtle Dinner (treat only)
  • Koi Fish Pellets
  • Roaches & Insects
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Water Snails

Plants and snails are an additional food source and also help to maintain a healthy water balance.

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