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Bayside Pet Centre

A71 Soden Road
Victoria 3175
P 03 9772 1247
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Bayside Pet Centre has a collective total of 30 years worth of knowledge, including caring for dogs, animal husbandry and showing.

Bayside Pet Centre
Peter had previously developed and co-owned "Mornington Lodge", a successful Dog Boarding Kennel on the Peninsula. We endeavoured to find another great Dog Boarding Kennel that we could purchase that was actually dog friendly and also within the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Somewhere we would be happy to leave our own dogs and within an easy 20 minute drive from most Bayside and South Eastern suburbs. Since we have been in the Dog Boarding Kennel industry for many years, we have visited numerous Dog Boarding Kennels along the way. We have found that most Dog Boarding Kennels have only been designed mindful of the operator's requirements, but not taking into consideration the specific physical and mental requirements of your dog.

We wanted a unique and special Dog Boarding Kennel, so it took us a while to find Bayside Pet Centre as we were very fussy and quite specific in our requirements. We required it to be spacious, well set out and with many safe garden areas for our cheeky, energetic furry friends. It had to be in a great location, not too far from the CBD, with a set up enabling boarding dogs to have a relaxed and happy stay.

We finally found and purchased Bayside Pet Centre in November 2005. Bayside Pet Centre is continually being improved, ensuring high standards are kept.

Our dog kennels have the best garden to dog ratio of any dog kennel in Melbourne!

So why should your dog be confined to its accommodation/sleeping area for this period of time when it is away boarding? With only 2 hours or less to be active!

Please ask about Bayside Pet Centre's air-conditioned PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE available weekdays. (POA) For more information please contact our office.

Your pet will enjoy its stay at our pet boarding kennel

Bayside Pet Centre has dedicated Small and Large pet kennel areas. Your pet's accommodation will have full heating during cooler months at no extra charge.

Fully insulated - cozy in winter and cool in summer!

All of Bayside Pet Centre's dog boarding areas are fully enclosed at night time and are insulated, making them cozy in winter and cool in summer.

Bayside Pet Centre's boarding kennel areas all have wide verandahs. They protect your dog, giving it shelter in winter and full shade and shelter from the sun during the hot summer months.

In addition to access to a garden all day we also offer a walking service around the surrounding 14 acre property for those dogs who love their afternoon stroll.

For older, clipped or short haired dogs jackets are welcome in cooler months i.e. Autumn/Winter. Jackets will need to be clearly marked with your dog's name.

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