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Worried about what to do with your pet bird when you go away for a few days?
Beaks Bird Minding / Boarding will look after your birds and, for an extra charge, provide transport to and from your house.

What you will get for your money
  • A safe home with plenty of T.L.C.
  • Fresh food and water every day
  • A clean cage
  • Special needs
  • Special diets catered for
  • Interaction with other birds
  • A truly special place to leave your bird!

For too long, only kennels and catteries have been available, much to the dismay of bird owners. Now its time for our feathered friends to secure a bit of luxury.

To make a booking or to get more information, call Margaret today on 0419 641 921 for a home away from home for your feathered loved ones.

Why Choose Us?
About Margaret

Whilst a passionate wildlife lover, especially birds, for many years, Margaret realises the importance of people having companion birds to enhance their daily lives. Rescuing a galah with a broken wing almost 16 years ago, Margaret has first hand knowledge of what makes a birds mind tick. Extensive research has made her realise that certainly the parrot family have the I Q of about a 4 year old, so with that knowledge, that is how they are treated with dignity, care, and a lot of attention!

Have confidence that when you bring your bird/s to my house, that they will be treated like one of the family. Their cage will be cleaned out every day, food will be of the highest quality and they will always have fresh water.

Set in tranquil surrounds, I guarantee that your feathered friends will have as good a holiday as you do, in a safe and secure home, with plenty of interaction with other birds and plenty of human contact.

Margaret has extensive experience with birds like Regent Parrots, Lorikeets, Peach Faces, Quaker Parrots, Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrine Parrots, Electus Parrots, Nanday Conure / Sun Conure and Australian Parrots of course!

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