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Berkshire Park Bird Farm & Pet Supplies

Berkshire Park
New South Wales 2765
P 02 4572 5166
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The only pet store in Sydney where you can get your very own Indian Palm Squirrel

Welcome to Berkshire Park Bird Farm Pet Supplies

Established since 1984 Berkshire Park Bird Farm is Australia’s largest Bird Farm, set on acres in Berkshire Park, west of Sydney.

We are not your average pet store. Come and check out our adorable cute and cuddly Alvin, our Indian pal squirrel - you too could have your very own. We stock a large variety of pet products and our friendly experienced staff would love to assist you in making the best choice for your new pet.

So bring the whole family and have a great day, the kiddies can even feed the deer and ducks.


We have a bird room, a large suspended outdoor aviary complex, display aviaries and more.

As a National Parks and Wildlife fauna dealer, we offer a range of exotic and native birds that do require a licence. We also have a large range of finches, canaries, budgies, exotic parrots, hand raised pet birds, ducks, chickens, pheasants, peacocks, quails and more.


We carry a variety of critters, bird eating spiders, scorpions, hermit crabs, stick insects, roaches and beetles.

We also have a good stock of enclosures, furnishings, globes, fittings, heating products, thermostats, bedding and more.

Dogs And Cats

At Berkshire Park Bird Farm we carry a range of foods and accessories for cats and dogs.

We have a range of:
  • toys
  • kennels
  • beds
  • dog runs
  • puppy pens
  • dog kibble
  • cat food
  • catteries and much more.

Fish And Aquariums

We stock a range of aquarium fish, Tropical, Goldfish & Koi.

Our store has a good range of Aquarium accessories, tank set-ups, filters, food – dry & frozen, gravel, ornaments, Aquarium & Pond plants, lighting, Aquarium pharmaceuticals, pond pumps and accessories, water features, statues and plants.

Small Animals

Indian Palm Squirrels (Exotic Pet) – hand raised, desexed, micro chipped, adorable little cuties only available from our store!

Cage set-ups from basic to luxurious, why not be different!

We also have rabbits & Guinea pigs in all types and sizes, housing – metal, timber and plastic, accessories, bedding & food.

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