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Borda Be Myn Pet Care

A820 Dempster Road
Western Australia 6330
P 08 9846 4306
M0418 960 673
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   Bordabemyn is located South of Western Australia in the lovely picturesque City of Albany.

Welcome to Borda Be Myn Pet Care

Our rural setting 250 acres of paddocks and bushland is the perfect place for your pet's holiday. Our kennels are clean and spacious and we provide your pet with quality food, plenty of exercise and special love and care. Click here to find our more about our kennels.

As an extension of our bording kennels, we also offer residents and visitors to the area a DOGGY FUN DAY service, where we can collect your dog, exercise and play with them and then return it to your home at the end of the day.This service the dogs do regularly every week.

We also breed beautiful border collies. They are part of our family and follow us around the farm and kennels. We select especially for temparment first so that they make wonderful family pets.

We also breed Papillions . These vibrant and energetic dogs are a wonderful part of the family. They keep our Borders on their toes.


Please feel free to contact us on
Ph: 08 98 464 306
M: 0418 960 673

Farm Stay for your Pets

Borda Be Myn is located in a rural property just 20 minutes from the city of Albany. Being on several hundred acres and surrounded by other rural properties and a Reserve means we offer plently of open space and tranquility. We now have fourteen exercise yards ranging from small (for the small dogs & older dogs), various medium sizes to a couple of very large yards for the more rambunctious dogs. There are also special facilities for small dogs. Dogs which enjoy socializing with other dogs are mixed in suitable groups and this is done twice a day usually for a couple of hours each time. We are forever expanding our yards.

We encorage visits before hand from both you and your dog/s and your shown around and welcome to ask and question what happens. This not only shows the dog the place with little stress (hes/shes not being left) but also you can ask questions and see the place for yourself. You are not obligated to book in.

Meal time is usually once a day after exercise time and when bedded down for the night. Meals consist of fresh rare chicken mince, rice & noddles, pureed vegies & fruit, additives including cod liver oil, brewers yeast, kelp and others, biscuits and a raw chicken leg bone, chicken neck and wing. This is freshly prepared on-site. Special diets catered for.

There is a vet on call 24 hours. All dogs must have a current c5 vacination. Bitches on heat are welcome and are provided with a separated outside run and a enclosed kennel. Dogs needing special care are no problems. No dog with a contagious disease is allowed on the property.

Doggy Fun Day

This service provides a day out for your dog. Your dog is picked up from your door and it's off to the farm for the day where they recieve heaps of exercise and socializing with compatible dogs - all under the strict supervision of a professional dog handler. At the end of the day your dog is delivered back to our door for a well earned rest. DOGGY FUN DAY is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and we have discounts for two or more dogs from the same famialy. Your kids enjoy play group so why not let your dogs enjoy the same fun and give it a try.

Dogs must have awell fitted strong collar, be up to date (current) with their vaccination card, and all males dogs must be de-sexed.

Border Collie Breeders

As a breeder, I strive to find dogs that produce pups that have both a good conformation, but also a very gentle and loving temperament. I especially breed for excellent people dogs or pets and having the pups with us continually both inside and out with all my other dogs,means by eight weeks they are very well socialized and adapted.

One of our first Border Collies was a red and white male, and until we saw him, we did not know that they came in all the varieties of colours that they do. He was not registered and of course once you own one Border Collie you just have to have more, as they are very addictive!

My next one came from Kentish Kennels and we are very grateful to them for all the information and assistance that they gave us in the beginning. Since then we have gone on to own some lovely dogs, from people like Chris of "Rhonabwy Border Collies", and we now also have a very special girl from "Korella" thanks Ross.

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