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Boroondara Dog Training

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At Boroondara Dog Training we strive for perfection.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help you train the perfect dog - one that always comes when called, walks on a loose lead, sits quietly to be stroked, groomed or examined by your vet.

A dog who does not chase cyclists or joggers and is generally a well-behaved member of our community.

Puppy Pre-School

Boroondara Dog Training Runs a fun, friendly Puppy Preschool for 8 to 16 week old puppy's on Saturday mornings.

Puppy School Details
Learn basic cues such as sit, lie down, come, plus learn how to solve problems, such as toilet training, mouthing/biting, jumping. Also learn how to teach your puppy to accept being handled and calm behaviour.

Melbourne Puppy School locations
Ron also conducts puppy preschools at:

Mitcham Pet Hospital (Mondays) 9874 6151
High Street Road Animal Hospital (Wednesday) 9802 8392

Please contact either clinic to make a booking.

Other Melbourne Puppy Schools
  • Boroondara Dog Training also recommends the following puppy schools:
  • West Doncaster Vet Centre (Wednesday or Thursday evenings): 9848 4111
  • Greencross Vets - Sandringham 9598 3621.
  • Greencross Vets - Stud Park 9763 6088
  • Greencross Vets - Ashburton 9885 6224
  • Burvale Heights Vet Surgery 98773999

Beginners - Pet Dog Training

A 6 week course in basic training covering sit; down; come; leave; stay; socialisation with people and other dogs and basic good manners. There is a strong emphasis on teaching dogs to be calm around other dogs and people. Classes have a maximum of 6 to 8 dogs so that each dog and handler receives more individual attention and time to address problems. Each dog enrolled receives a treat pouch, clicker and treats to get you started.
  • Beginners Classes: 9.30am and 11.00am Sundays.

Intermediate - Confident in Company Class

This class improves on the basic skills and manners learned in the Pet Dog Class. Dogs learn how to give their owners better attention, longer stays, perform exercises at a distance from their owner and work in close proximity to other dogs. Intermediate is for the owner who needs or wants to learn more.

With skills learnt from pet dog class the owners can really start to communicate with their dogs and expand their training. The work gets really interesting at this level with dogs participating in more challenging fun activities such as Agility and Tricks training and Canine Freestyle (Dancing with dogs)
  • Intermediate Classes: 11.00am Sundays


For dogs who have completed the Intermediate level class and covers advanced training, off lead work, agility, tricks, Rally"O", Tryball and obtaining the Delta Canine Good Citizen Dog Certificate. Advanced class - a fun and social class for people who want to do more with their best mates. Whether its a morning out or you really want to get down and train our Advanced class meets your needs?
  • Advanced Classes: 9.30am Sundays


"Qualified and professional staff with years of experience make the difference!"

Jennifer Wilcox

"Ron has the ability to assess those dogs that have discipline problems by supporting both the owner and dog"

Philippa Gemme & Star

"Our dog is much more confident and training has improved both his and our quality of life"

Mona & Ice

"I highly recommend the trainers at Boroondara Dog Training, they are lovely people and have completely gone above and beyond with our dog."

Mark Mandel

"I find Hay's paddock on a winter's morning magic."

Carmella & Condotti

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