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Protect the pets you love with Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Protect the pets you love with Australia's #1 Rated Pet Insurer

Affordable Accident and Illness cover with up to 80% rebate

You've made your pet a part of your family. But what would happen if they got injured or ill? Bow Wow Pet Insurance offers a choice of health insurance plans to protect your dogs and cats.

Our pet insurance plans will cover your dog or cat for up to 80% of your vet's eligible bills in case of injury or illness. We even offer cover towards routine care items, including vaccinations and health checks.

Since we launched, Bow Wow Pet Insurance has issued over 30,000 policies and we are independently rated the number one Pet Insurer on the consumer site,

Why insure your pet with us?

  • Our pet insurance reimburses you for up to 80% of your vet's eligible bills.
  • Your pet is covered for up to $8,000 of expenses per year on the Accident Plan, and up to $12,000 per year on our Illness plans.
  • Our plans offer additional benefits like tick paralysis treatment, emergency boarding and a free pet tag if you change your details or lose your tag!
  • We process 95% of vet claims within 5-10 days
  • Get immediate pet accident cover - apply online now to get a pet insurance quote

  • We can help you afford the best health care for your pets

  • Find the best plan for your pet
  • See how we compare to other insurers
  • Read about the benefits of our pet insurance cover

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    Reviews from our customers

    Many of our customers have contacted us to tell us about their experiences and how our insurance has helped them give their pets the best possible care. Here they share some of their stories.

    Jackson - Knee Operation

    Carin & Chris’s Maltese Cross, Jackson, was diagnosed with a Patella Luxation and had to have a knee operation:

    “Our six month old puppy Jackson was diagnosed with a luxating patella which means that his knee would dislocate continuously when he was walking. We took Jackson to an orthopedic surgeon who performed a knee reconstruction and Jackson is now nearly fully recovered.

    "We were very fortunate to have pet insurance, as the operation and treatment cost close to $4,000. Bow Wow Meow provided us with prompt, courteous and helpful service and we are very thankful to them for their assistance as it ensured that Jackson could receive the best possible treatment”

    Stanley - Bone Deformity

    Rachel and Gary’s Scottish Terrier, Stanley had a bone deformity which caused his right leg to grow at a different rate to the rest. Stanley found himself in significant pain at 9 months old:

    "When our puppy Stanley was 9 months old, he needed to have surgery on his front right leg. Whilst he’d been growing from a pup, the bones in his right leg had grown at different rates, with one stopping growing before the other, causing his leg to bow. So at 9 months old Stan was nearly lame, in incredible pain, and showing signs of arthritis in 2 of his little joints. He required surgery to fix the problem.

    We met with the specialist surgeon who gave us an estimate of costs for the surgery, and after we picked ourselves up off the floor, we were so thankful that we’d had the foresight to take out pet insurance with Bow Wow Meow. We had only been customers with Bow Wow Meow for a very short period of time when Stanley required this surgery, and we were just amazed that our claim was accepted and processed with a minimum of fuss.

    From start to finish, we accumulated over $4,000 in vet bills, and Bow Wow Meow reimbursed us every cent. We cannot say enough about the service we received, and it was such a comfort to know they had our backs during a difficult period. I would not hesitate to shout from the roof-tops – “Get yourself some Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, you’ll be glad you did!”

    Diva - Developed Cherry Eye

    Mark Potter’s British Bulldog, Diva developed Cherry Eye in each eye. Cherry eye is a common eye disease for which surgery is the only treatment option and appears as a small red bump which protrudes above the eyelid.

    ”I would like to thank you for the swift payment and overall easy process when my British Bulldog “Diva” required surgery on two occasions last year.

    From carrying out the initial online registration to provide the insurance cover for my dog to then having to go through the procedure of making two separate claims in such a short space of time, I have experienced the full service of your company in relatively quick succession and have to say I have been very impressed firstly with the ease (no masses of form filling) and secondly the speed of these transactions (after sending a copy of the vets bill I received the cheque for payment for each of my claims very quickly).

    Whilst they were only minor operations it gives me peace of mind that I have chosen a good product that I have recommended to a number of my friends who also own dogs. Many thanks for your help from myself and Diva”.

    Keira - Leg Injury

    Andrew Smith’s Rottweiler, Keira fell from a high fence and injured her leg in the fall:

    “We decided to insure our 18 month old Rottweiler Keira for peace of mind against any large unwanted vet bills. Unfortunately, Keira fell from a high fence and suffered a leg injury. She went through treatment for the injury which included surgery and treatment for a subsequent infection. We were obviously very concerned for our Keira and it was a relief not to have to worry about accumulating vet bills. On completion of Keira's treatment we lodged our claim with Bow Wow Meow. We found the claim process to be quick and easy. I would recommend to people to insure their pets and highly recommend Bow Wow Meow as an insurer. Keira has recovered from her injury and is doing well”.

    Frank - Swallowed Rat Poison

    Diana’s dog Frank, an Australian Cattle Dog managed to swallow rat poison and received a bad case of poisoning:

    “Our dog Frank loves to eat and loves to explore. Unfortunately when he was a pup he didn’t always know what was good to eat and what wasn’t. This resulted in a bout of poisoning requiring an emergency vet consultation, investigative tests and an overnight stay in the vet hospital. Having Bow Wow Meow pet insurance meant we didn’t have the additional worry or difficult decision making associated with the cost of his course of treatment. He made a full recovery and is happily back to his playful and energetic best. The bill came to several hundreds of dollars, however making the claim to Bow Wow Meow was straight forward and they promptly paid our claim. To anyone considering taking out pet insurance, I would say, do it, you won’t regret it, pets are worth it”.

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