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Home of the rare Mink and Sepia Ragdolls


Our stud is named "Brenfurbabys" which stands for Brenda's furry babies :) We are a small stud and breed Border Collies and Ragdolls including the very rare Minks and Sepia's. We have chosen good quality healthy animals that we are proud to breed from. I am a Veterinary Nurse and have been for 17 years so all of our animals are well cared for and have lots of love.


I am a registered breeder of Mink, Sepia and Traditional Ragdolls.

We breed purebred Minks and Sepia's with the paperwork to prove it. We have not Line bred (bred related cats) to get our sepia we have two seperate bloodlines that have produced our stunning babies.

The Ragdoll is an amazing animal!

We have chosen our special cats as they are show quality and have great temperaments.

Our cats live with our dogs and kids and are part of our family.

We have traditional Ragdolls that adhere to their name and will go limp when you pick them up, they are great for kids are they won't scratch or bite they will just let the children carry them.

Traditional Ragdolls are born white and develop colour on their points (nose, ears, tail, legs) at around a week old. This colour darkens as they get older.

Ragdolls come in a variety of colours blue (Grey), Seal (dark brown nearly black), Chocolate (light-Medium brown), Lilac (a very light brown/cream colour).

Mink ragdolls have their colour all over their body not just on their points and they are born this colour. Their colour will darken as they age but all of the coat will darken. Minks also have amazing aqua eyes unlike the traditional that have amazing blue eyes.

We are very proud to have stunning Traditional ragdolls with the best eye colouring seen in Ragdolls and an amazing silky coat which comes from the American lines. Also we are one of only a select few that have the Mink ragdolls and the only that can produce the true Sepia colours, our cats are disease free with no health issues and very happy cats :)

The sepia is a darker more pronounced colour than the minks. They can have varied colour eyes and we are very proud to be the only breeder in Australia to have these stunning babies.

Border Collies

We are aiming to breed Border collies that can work on the farm and win in the show ring and of course be a loving member of your family. We will be able to help you with all of your Border collie needs whether it be a working dog or a show dog in all colours including blue and white, chocolate and white, black and white and lilac and white and Tri in any colour. Please contact us with the type and colour dog you are after and we will promptly let you know if we have something suitable available :)

Just give us a call on 0448086614 or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today!

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