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Brett Mackinlay
New South Wales 2096
M0457 457 075
Licence Turtle Breeder of Macleay turtles that are the smallest turtle in Australia. Also breed Eastern long neck turtles, saw shell turtles and Australian lizards. All these animals require you to have a NSW Reptile licence which you can buy online.

Seasonally available reptiles depending on breeding season. Reptiles that I commonly breed are:

Macleay short neck Turtles (Emydura Macquarii Dharra)
Macleay turtles grow the smallest of the short neck turtles and will be a better option than the Macquarie Murry River Turtles sold in many shops if you plan to keep inside in a fish tank for a few years.
2 for $150 or 3 for $200

Eastern Long Neck Turtles (Chelodina Longicollis)
Wonderful long turtles. A unquie look that will follow you hand as you run it up and down the tank

Saw Shell short neck turtles (Wollumbinia Latisternum)
Saw Shells are often considered the hardiest of the turtles with a great shell shape.

Care sheet;

Cunningham spiny tailed skinks (Egernia cunninghami)
If you are looking for something different from your basic Bearded Dragon or Blue Tongue these guys are worth considering. Eating grated and finely chopped veg’s along with turkey mince. Grow to 15-20cm nose to vent in 2-3 years.

Eastern Blue Tongues (Tiliqua scincoides)
Baby blueys are very easy to keep and are great to handle.

Blotched Blue tongues (Tiliqua nigrolutea)
Beautiful colours with orange markings

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