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Camsal Aviaries is a local, family owned bird shop in South Australia selling birds,
enclosures, seed and accessories to a diverse range of customers.

All products are available to be delivered Australia wide. Other services we offer include DNA sexing of birds, customised aviaries and wing clipping.

Whether you're a first time owner, hobbyist or a serious breeder, we strive to ensure owners and birds are suitably matched and properly informed on their care.

We strongly believe that all birds in our care are of the utmost importance. We are passionate about all animals and their environments and campaign time and money to ensure their long-term survival.


Tame Baby Birds
We offer Tame Baby Birds for sale. These companion birds are lovingly hand raised from babies to let them bond with their new families. This enables you to teach your birds to talk, and even do tricks and most definitely be a friend for years to come.

Parrots are a very popular group of birds. Parrots are intelligent animals who depend on some degree of socialization and will not be good pets unless they are taught and patterned to be good pets. The most popular varieties include Eclectus, African Grey, Lorikeets, Amazon, Quaker, Rosellas, King Parrots, Crimson Wings, Australian Grassparrots, Alexandrines, Indian Ringneck and most Australian Ringnecks.

Macaws are flamboyant, colorful, intelligent and captivating birds. However, like ill-trained children, macaws can be a major embarrassment if they are not well trained. Whether it be the Blue & Gold, Hyacinth or Scarlet macaw you are sure of a lengthy but never dull time together. If these are a bit big - then have a look at a Hahns macaw. Smaller, but oh so sweet.

In the wild conures are friendly, peaceful birds and seldom fight with each other. Conures are known for their sweet dispositions and playfulness. From Green-Cheek, Maroon-bellied and Pineapple conures to the spectacularly coloured Sun and Janday, they are loveable one and all.

Cockatoos make wonderful pets because of their sweet nature and they just love to be cuddled. Because they bond very easily with their human owners they are a much sought after bird. Sulphur Crests, Galahs, Gang-Gangs, Black Cockatoos or the Long Billed and Short Billed Corellas. Whichever you choose it will be a memorable experience.

Lovebirds are meant to be, well you know what, loved. In fact, it is very difficult to resist falling in love with them. How many are there? Fisher's, Black Masked, Peachface, Nyasa and lots more.

Cockatiels are ideal for the first time pet owner. They are characteristically happy and cheerful birds, never moody or demanding. From the basic grey cockatiel has come pearls, pied, cinnamons, white faced and all combinations thereof. Which means? You have a dilemma of which one to choose.

The word "budgie" is short for budgerigar which is a native green and yellow bird in Australia. They make wonderful pets because of their relatively gentle, gregarious and entertaining personalities. With so many other colour combinations available, the humble budgie really is a great place to start your avian adventures.

Aviaries & Enclosures

What are the benefits of choosing our aviaries and animal enclosures?
  • We strive to ensure the aviaries or enclosures suit the animals intended to live in these environments. Remember some birds can live up to 80 years of age.
  • We offer the most affordable, strong, high quality aviaries in S.A. All aviaries and enclosures are available in zinc or Colorbond.
  • Easy to assemble, our aviaries are made with a welded galvanized square tube frame. The finished panels simply bolt together and in 10-20 mins (depending on size) your aviary is ready to go.
  • Customized aviaries are our specialty. Available options to enhance your aviary can include heavy or light mesh, kick plates, dividers, safety locks, etc. You dream it, we can build it.
  • Prompt delivery and assembly if required.
  • Extensive knowledge on all aspects of bird keeping.
  • Huge range of accessories to set up your aviary.
  • Aviary buyers discount card which entitles the aviary buyer to a 5% discount on purchases for 12 months (excludes birds and aviaries)

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