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Canine Interaction

Megan Molloy
A Hudson Avenue
Croydon Park
South Australia 5008
M0432 247 999
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Our classes are held on Hudson Ave Croydon Park, South Australia.

Welcome to Canine Interaction

Canine Interaction has been involved in helping dogs to be a welcomed part of a family since 2005 when Megan decided to start her own training classes in the western suburbs.

Our classes are held on Hudson Ave Croydon Park, South Australia. We pride ourselves on our education and understanding of dog behaviour - our Senior Trainer has a Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training achieved through extensive study with the Delta Society of Australia. We offer small class sizes with a maximum of 8 dogs per class, we also are very happy to help with special needs, whether animal or human.

We have 2 levels of training Basic and Advance.Our training centre uses dog friendly, humane training methods. We use positive reinforcement to show the dog which behaviours we like. This encourages the dog to offer these behaviours instead of unwanted ones.

For more information on positive training and classes please follow the link.

Positive Dog Training
Our philosophy is to do no harm.

Positive Training is a way of training that only uses Positive Reinforcement methods. There is no harsh verbal or physical corrections. The dog learns to do what they are asked because it is rewarded and understands what we want.

At Canine Interaction we will show you how to use these methods, how to clearly communicate with your dog and the benefits of doing so. Many people worry about punishing the dog, but you can be a strong and respected leader without confrontation. There should be clear rules and guidelines but these can be kept in place calmly and gently.

Positive Training use scientifically proven learning theory, and helps build a great bond between owner and dog.

As part of our training philosophy we do not use choker collars, slip chains, prong collars, or any device that causes pain or stress. If you have a very strong dog we may recommend humane equipment like head collars and harnesses but find that most dogs learn best on a normal collar, when taught with patience.

If you have any questions about positive training please email us

Dog Training Classes
CClasses are held on Thursday evenings Indoor Training Facility with Outdoor training area

Adult classes are for dogs over 16 weeks of age and are fully vaccinated to a C5 level - Certificate must be shown before the commencement of classes.

There is a maximum of 8 dogs per class.

BASIC Training
6 week Course

Learn how to create lasting bonds and a strong relationship with your dog, how to communicate and understand your four legged family member and help them grasp the concepts of walking on a loose lead, coming when called, staying and paying attention. Social interaction and fun are all part of the lesson, so you and your dog can enjoy the learning experience in an environment that is welcoming and supportive.

A training clicker is included in the cost of the course

ADVANCE Training
6 week course

Successful completion will earn you and your dog your council registration discount. Extends your dogs abilities by increasing time and duration of previously learnt exercises, introduces new skills and develops your dogs confidence and abilities while having fun and learning to cope with distractions.

12 week course

We would like to encourage owners to train their dogs to the Council recommendation and are offering this new package. If you book to do both

Family Friendly

Children are also welcome to attend classes, but parents must take full responsibility. Please ensure that they do not rush up to unfamiliar dogs and always ask the owner before approaching.

Bookings are essential for all classes. Please also read the Positive Training page to learn more about our style of training.

Call us on today to find out more or reach us through the 'Make an Enquiry' form.

Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training

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