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Canine Kindergarten Dog Daycare Centre

A2-4 Windsor Parade
North Narrabeen
New South Wales 2101
P 02 9970 7074
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Your Northern Beaches Based Dog Daycare, Training and Grooming Centre

About Us

Canine Kindergarten has been an established dog training business in the Pittwater area for many years. Canine Kindergarten was developed so dog owners could train their dogs using fun, effective, positive training techniques.

Dogs are highly social animals. Lack of socialisation and social isolation often leads to destructive behaviour and separation related anxiety. Often young dogs left alone for extended periods develop destructive behaviours such as digging, chewing and barking. Lack of mental and environmental enrichment will lead to boredom. Young dogs need lots of socialisation, guidance and stimulation to grow into confident adults.

Canine Kindergarten can offer a day filled will socialisation, mental stimulation and physical activity. We also pride ourselves on training good manners and appropriate canine play.

Our Services

Canine Kindergarten offers a range of services for your dog. We pride ourselves in creating a calm environment for our regular canine friends to enjoy.

Dog Daycare

Canine Kindergarten is a daycare centre for dogs. Dogs are highly social animals and without proper socialisation, mental stimulation and an opportunity to socially interact they can become stressed, bored, destructive and isolated. The most important thing for us is to create routine within the daycare setting. Dogs like routine just as importantly as humans. This provides a stable, calm and predictable centre. At Canine Kindergarten we work hard to provide training canine manners and safe appropriate play. All dogs must first come in for an assessment to ensure the environment is right for them.

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Dog Training

Canine Kindergarten offers puppy classes, pet dog training classes, private one-on-one consultations and Behavioral program's.

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Dog Grooming

We offer a full grooming service on Wednesday and Thursday with our experienced groomer Mandy. We can accommodate dogs of any size. We offer hydrobathing and blow drying Monday-Friday.

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Clicker Training

What is it?

A clicker is a small handheld box that makes a very distinct clicking noise. The clicker is a marker that tells your dog that the behaviour that was just performed has earned him/her a reward. The marker (the clicking noise) pinpoints the specific moment in the dog's mind.

The clicker is not a magic box. The key to a good reward marker is that it's something the dog will pay attention to, and that it always predicts a reward is coming.

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