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Canterbury Tails Boarding Cattery

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Canterbury Tails Boutique Boarding Cattery where each cat is ensured an enjoyable holiday... while you enjoy yours!

About Us

The idea of Canterbury Tails Boutique Boarding Cattery and Tallis Breeding Cattery originally started after I moved with my family (husband Mick and daughter Maryanne) and cheeky cat Winston, to a beautiful Bluestone home in Belgrave, Victoria - the home of Puffing Billy.

This initial idea has taken considerable time to establish, due to remaining in Human Services Management much longer than originally anticipated.

From the beginning when we first visited the house on "open days", the rest of the family spent their time checking out the inside of the house, while I spent my time checking out a disused cattery, hidden amongst beautifully landscaped garden beds and trees.

We visited the house on every open day, anxiously awaiting auction day. Each open day I disappeared from the rest of the family who were inspecting the house area and headed off to the cattery. On the first few inspections the cattery was locked, however I finally convinced the sales agent to have it open for my next visit. I already had a plan brewing in my mind. From the beginning I could see the potential of renovating the old breeding cattery and opening a boarding cattery that focussed on quality care, rather than quantity of cats in care.

I have always loved dealing with animals and people, having worked in the Human Services field for almost 20 years. Maryanne and I have always been surrounded by chooks, cats, and our beloved horses. Each animal receives individual attention on a daily basis, regardless of weather conditions and regardless of social or work commitments.

Once we purchased the property at auction and moved in I was straight into renovation plans for the cattery. First the existing kitchen facilities were pulled out and replaced, followed by electrical work to enable heating pads to be used for cats that may have arthritic conditions or simply prefer additional warmth in winter.

The concrete was scored and repainted, along with purchases of new bedding, litter trays, and other such items. My mission is to have a spotlessly clean cattery that is environmentally appealing to cats, easy to clean, and has excellent infection control practices. I also wanted all cats to have an interesting view to their day, therefore a garden outlook was created to attract bird life and to be pleasing for cats to look at.

Lastly, an intercom style system was installed to ensure each cat could be monitored throughout the day or night from anywhere in the house.

Business Name

I decided on the name "Canterbury Tails" after considering many options. My husband come from England after singing as a Baritone in the choir of Canterbury Cathedral.for over eight years. His love of cathedral music and his love of history relating to writers such as that of "Chaucer" and his "Canterbury Tales" resulted in registering my business venture as "Canterbury Tails Cattery". (Tails obviously after cat tails)

I also have a small breeding concern for my interest in breeding Persians of both the colour point and solid colours, under the prefix of "Tallis". I chose my prefix from Mick's (hubby) favourite 16th century composer Thomas Tallis, who also sang in the cathedral choir.

As a result of the thought that went into each venture, my business is registered as "Canterbury Tails cattery" and my breeding prefix and cattery is registered as "Tallis".

The Permit Process

After the renovations were completed and I was confident that I had met all standards required by the Code of Practice for Boarding Facilities I was ready to proceed with my application for a Planning Permit with the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

Council inspections, teamed with formal support from neighbouring properties, resulted in my Boarding Permit.
Other associated administrative tasks such as insurance, record keeping, and arrangements for 24 hour services from the Belgrave South Veterinary clinic meant I was ready for business.

I have recently booked into the local yellow pages, and hope to spend many years catering to the needs of other's feline friends. I want to ensure each cat in care enjoys its holiday while their owners enjoy theirs.
  • Australian Achievers Award 2004 Highly Recommended
  • Spacious rooms with a view
  • Landscaped garden courtyard
  • Impeccably clean cattery
  • Quiet and sheltered position
  • Heating pads in winter
  • Individual attention on a daily basis
  • Sanitised playroom with a large assortment of toys
  • Elderly cats catered for
  • Vet on call 24hrs
  • Monitored intercom system
  • All diets catered for
  • Current Vaccination Certificate required
  • Medication administered to instruction
  • Pick up and delivery service available
  • Discount for longer stays
  • Discount for 2 cats (compatible family members) sharing one suite
  • 40km east of Melbourne
  • Registered breeder of Persians

Canterbury Tails Boutique Boarding Cattery is bright and breezy with Bridal Veil Ferns hanging down the corridor. Floors are kept impeccably clean, as is the rest of the cattery. The grounds are kept in top condition by a gardener who regularly maintains the property. The cattery itself is in a quiet spot, set back from the road and sheltered from the wind by a line of trees. There are plenty of native birds for your cat to watch.

Belgrave is conveniently situated in the Dandenongs only 40km east of Melbourne. Canterbury Tails Boutique Boarding Cattery will be closed for entry or exits on Good Friday and Christmas Day. Cats must have a current F3 or F4 vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to entry (Documentation of vaccination must be sighted). No sick cats will be accepted into the cattery.

Please feel free to get in touch
for all of your questions, comments and queries.

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