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A23 Ridley Street
Western Australia 6530
P 08 9965 3443
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Brand new, purpose built, facility

Welcome to Catopia

Hello I'm Jodie,

About 20 years ago, I put myself through Uni working in a cattery, and loved it. Since then it has been an ambition to build something really special.

I have seen many catteries, and hope that in establishing ‘Catopia’ I have been able to incorporate what I believe are the best features whilst weeding out potential problems.

The solid dividing walls mean less stress for your cat and help to avoid any injury or illness being passed on. For the same reason, there is NO socialising of cats from different households.


The courtyards are cool and shady, and for extra security all gates open into the building rather than to the outside.

‘Catopia’ has been designed along passive solar principals, staying warm in winter and cool in summer. The building is also very well insulated and ventilated.

Environmental issues are very important to me, so an organic worm farm and composting system is in place to take care of ‘waste’ products. Deciduous trees are strategically placed to allow the winter sun in, whilst also supplying shade in summer. The trees are fed via a grey water system connected to the cattery.

We encourage responsible pet ownership, particularly de-sexing and containment for the safety of your cat and to minimise wildlife damage.


Conditions under which cats will be accepted for boarding.
  1. Cats to arrive at the establishment in a suitable carry cage or harness / leash. The cat is the responsibility of the owner until secured in an enclosure.
  2. Cats must be over the age of 4 months.
  3. Cats belonging to the same household may be housed together.
  4. We do not accept entire male cats. Sterilisation certificate must be provided.
  5. Cats must be vaccinated and current documentation provided.
  6. Cats should be wormed at least one week prior to admission.
  7. Cats should be flea treated prior to admission.
  8. Any cat presenting with evidence of worms or fleas will be treated and owners charged accordingly.
  9. Elderly or infirm cats, or cats with a pre-existing medical condition should be vet checked prior to boarding and only boarded on the vets’ recommendation.
  10. If a cat becomes unwell during their stay, or there is cause for concern for the cat’s health, the cat will be referred to a veterinarian and owners will be billed directly or on-charged accordingly.
  11. The owner agrees that the establishment will not be held responsible for any illness contracted during a cats stay in the boarding facility, or any loss, injury or death of the cat during or after it’s stay providing that all due care of the cat has been exercised.
  12. The owner agrees to pay all boarding fees in advance, and all other charges prior to departure. Alternative arrangements may be made at the discretion of the proprietor.
  13. The establishment reserves the right to refuse accommodation on any grounds.
  14. The establishment reserves the right to re-home any cat/s not collected within 14 days of the departure date advised by the owner. The owner remains responsible for all fees and charges until the cat is discharged.

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