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Breeding dogs is more a 'way of life' for us, particularly with Maggie having come from a family of dog breeders, and having bred Dalmations in early adulthood, then Arab Horses during her 'horsey' phase.

About Us
The need for research, obtaining true to type and healthy lines was impressed on Maggie early in life. Couple that with an approach of 'if you're going to do something, then do it well', leads to a desire that every dog and puppy is a happy, healthy true to type individual that knows it is utterly loved.

We believe we have a responsibility to the breeds and to the puppies we breed and introduce into new homes. We breed, not only to show, but also to allow families to have the opportunity to purchase a well-bred, happy, healthy and well socialised puppy who will literally become a new member of the family. Our aim is to breed true to type, and we take great care to ensure that both parents and puppies are free of inherant problems and are of good quality with good conformation, looks and disposition.

We take a great deal of care to get to know prospective puppy purchasers and to ensure that the puppy they introduce into their home as best as possible suits their environment and the personalities of all members of the household. Many of our families stay in touch with updates from time to time. This is something we cherish as it confirms that our puppies are well-loved and well-cared for, plus we have the opportunity to see how they mature.

Our puppies are well handled and socialised prior to relocating to their new homes. Every effort is made to ensure a happy introduction to their new family and environment. While Cavaliers, Rottweilers and Tibbis are all wonderfully adaptive breeds, a little help in finding the right environment in the first instance does not go astray.

We want you, and the puppy, to be very happy with your choice, and we certainly do not believe that our responsibility ends with the delivery of the puppy.

Or, more aptly put in a poem we were sent, mostly likely by another breeder ......

Why Choose Us?

Prior being included in our breeding programme, our beautiful dogs are Health Tested (eyes and heart) as per our Specialists' recommendations, and Health Certified as to general health at least annually. Younger dogs are not introduced into our breeding programme until such time as they are physically and emotionally mature enough, and then only once their specialist health certification is achieved.

All our dogs (both young and old) are free running in huge grassed and treed areas, not in cages or pens, have their every need met willingly and lovingly and our mothers are rested well between litters, and retired at a young age, sometimes after only one or two litters. For this reason we have a number of younger kids coming up the ranks, but the number of dogs who are actively involved in our breeding programme at the one time is limited.

Visitors often comment on how happy and healthy our dogs are - as each and every one of them lines up for cuddles having thoroughly welcomed the braver visitors who have gone in to interact with them. It's definitely Cavi love en masse and with gusto.

While there are those in the show or breeding fraternity that may not agree with our chosen matings, just as we may not agree with theirs, we know where we want to go with our breeding programme and have reasons for the matings we do. We will not use a dog for breeding if it is found to have health problems or throws faults which are undesirable. Nor will we use a dog for breeding if it is not robust and healthy or if it is unwilling or unsuited to breeding.

Our well adjusted puppies are also Health Certified, properly and lovingly raised, initially in temperature controlled, comfy, clean and tidy conditions with classical music wafting over them, and doting mothers who are totally and utterly spoilt with breakfast in bed on demand - yes we admit it, our dogs and babies are spoilt rotten. Once puppies are up and around, they move from their nursery into our living room where they have access to a tiled, covered verandah and onto the lawn. By the time they go to their new homes, they believe that every human is going to love and adore them as much as we do.

And lastly, we do show, as and when we can, which is not often simply because the wellbeing of our dogs will take first priority over showing accolades.

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