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   Central Fremantle Vet is a veterinary clinic that has been servicing Fremantle and its surrounds for over 30 years.

Welcome to Central Fremantle Animal Hospital

Set on Wray Avenue in Fremantle in a lovely old home, the clinic offers veterinary care with a local feel. Central Fremantle Vet strives to provide a personalised and thoughtful service to its customers, with a focus to finding the right balance between cutting edge technology and the simpler needs of the family pet.
We believe that having pets should be fun, but when things go awry you need practical and sensible solutions to get your best friend back on track. The staff at Central Fremantle Vet listen to your concerns, and will make every effort to ensure that the treatment plan you choose for your fur family meets your budget and ethical needs.

Patients come to our veterinary clinic from the following locations: South Fremantle, East Fremantle, North Fremantle, White Gum Valley, Beaconsfield, Hamilton Hill, North Coogee.

Our Services

At Central Fremantle Vet we offer a full range of services including:
    Not just for dogs and cats! We are happy to see birds, fish, mice, rabbits, rats, ferrets, and guinea pigs. Our vets have experience with them all, and will make every effort to get your pet in the best condition, and give you tips on how to keep it that way!

    We perform routine pet sterilisations. For our clients we deliver the best, using the safest anaesthetics, fluid therapy to protect the organs and speed recovery, 2 type of pain relief before and after the surgery, and the most modern suture materials to ensure a best healing and a neater job. We don't cut corners with your precious pets!

    Behaviour Advice:
    Some pets get anxious, just like people. Our vets can help you to recognise the signs and give you tips on how to find peace at home. In severe cases we have medicines that can improve the outcomes of your training efforts.

    Flea and Heartworm Products:
    Every summer (and also in Winter when we turn on the heaters!) flea eggs hatch. For some this can be a nightmare at home! Don't waste money on cheap products that don't complete the job. Restoring your home to a livable environment takes time, and requires products that work. Our helpful nurses understand the nature of all pet partasites, and they can tailor a treatment program to your household that has a proper chance of success!

    Complex Surgery:
    Many vets are not up to the more complex bone surgeries. At Central Fremantle Vet we have access to a team of experienced surgeons and the facilities to deliver great outcomes for pets that many vets cannot achieve without referal to specialists. We know our limits however, and if we don't think we can get the job done as well as a specialist, we can refer the job, and in many cases this can be provided through our current infrastructure such that you are not inconvenienced with a trip to a distant specialist on your precious time.

    Puppy Classes:
    We provide puppy classes to all young puppies. These classses help to ensure that your new pup's first contact with other dogs is a positive experience, making it much easier as they grow up. The classes are also jam packed full of helpful tips from our friendly vet nurses to help you to give your pup it's best start in life. Advice on how to prevent worms, fleas, heartworm, toilet training, walking your pet, pet insurance, and basic behaviour is all part of the package.

    Pet Food:
    There are so many ways to feed your pet. There is a dizzying array of foods and the prices vary from food to food. With so many opinions and so much information, how can you tell what is good, better, or the best? At Central Fremantle Vet we have chosen a brand and type of food that we think is an all round winner, and we can simplify all the advice to help you make an informed decision about how to feed your pet. We also carry specialised veterinary diets for patients with special medical needs.

Pet Surgery Services

The vets at Central Fremantle can offer a full surgical service. From simple surgeries like a cat abscess or a stitch up through routine sterilisations, up to advanced bone surgery. We use the facilities of a local surgery centre to perform your pet's surgery, which allows access to the most advanced veterinary hospital technology, and the safest anaesthetic practices available. The veterinary hospital centre is used by several local vets, so the shared costs of ever more advanced technology lessens the cost increases to our clients.

We use a specialised animal transport company called Pets2Vets to transport the patients to and the surgery centre at no cost to you. Pets2Vets is a very professional service owned by people with more than 20 years experience in the veterinary industry. They use a qualified vet nurse to transport the pets, and they care for your pet as if it were your own! Alternatively you are welcome to drop your pet and pick them up from the surgery centre if you prefer.

But it's not a faceless organisation. Rest assured that the very same vets you see at Central Fremantle, are the vets who are caring for your pet at surgery, performing the procedures and talking to you when a decision needs making.

House Calls

The Vets at Central Fremantle provide a mobile vet service and are happy to come to you. We can organise a house call from our mobile vet service when you call 9430 5777.

However, it is always better to see your pet at the hospital where all of our modern facilities are on hand. If you find it hard to get to us we can send the Pets2Vets van to your door for a pickup and drop off at no extra cost to you! Call our friendly nurses for more details.


Going to the beach regularly is a must for Fremantle dogs! At the beach they meet friends, play tag, chase balls, play in the surf, occasionally attempt a Rottenest crossing. Unfortunately some other favourite pastimes include eating seaweed, rolling on dead blowies, and slobbering on each other.
Fun as it is, some of our furry family members don't come home so cuddly and need a good wash!
At Central Fremantle Vet we have installed a dog wash hydrobath in our front yard, and you are welcome to use our facilities for yourself for only $9! Alternatively, we can provide you with towels or even have a nurse take care of your dog wash for you for a small extra fee!

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