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Len's Feed Shed

A1 Mt Kulburn Drive
Queensland 4818
P 07 4751 5500
F 07 4751 6666
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Hungry Pets? Feed Guaranteed to Please. Whether you have Horses, Chooks, Dogs, Cattle, Pigs, Birds, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Ducks your pet will be spoilt with the Best Quality Food, the Best Customer Service and Free Pet Guides and Information...Guaranteed.

About Us
Len's Feed Shed was first opened in 1998 by Len & Anne Nelson. Situated at the base of Mount Kulburn is was in prime postition to cater for the needs of residents in all the Northern Beaches, Black River and Bluewater. These areas also boast a very large array of residents and thier pets from goldfish through to cattle properties, and everything in between including horses, pigs, poultry, birds, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, rats,snakes and the list continues. There is also an abundance of wildlife to boot with wallabies, dingos, snakes, brumbies, possums & heaps more.

This business also catered to folks with a passion for animals and the owners had the very good business sense to place themselves in easy reach of the customers. With a strong customer following, this business would be an excellent compliment the Citifarm model. In 2006 Len's Feed Shed was purchased by it's current owners, David & Roslyn Gordon.

Your search for the best horse feed / chook food / petfood store in Townsville is finally over!

A lot of horse feed / chook food / petfood stores make this claim and a lot don't live up to it. Why are we different? Our mission in life is to

"Improve the lives of animals on this planet."

Our purpose is to help your pet live his/her life to the fullest. We actually want the best for your animal. And we know one thing for certain, behind every great pet in Townsville is a great owner.

Great pet owners don't happen by accident. They become great owners by learning what is best for their pet and then acting on what they learn. Our job is to teach you. There are heaps of great pet owners here in Townsville. If you are a great animal owner or want to do the best for your pet, you're at the right place.

Here are just a few things you can find on our website to help look after your pets in Townsville and about horse feed / chook food / petfood.

Guide to choosing which feed to use
Heaps of feeding tips to keep your pets healthy and happy
FREE Pet Guides (over $600 worth absolutely free)
Save $$$ with our VIP Club! We send out Free Gift Vouchers every 3 months
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Your peace of mind is assured when buying animal feed in Townsville with our horse feed / chook food / petfood guarantees!

7 day quality guarantee - Our horse feed / chook food / petfood products are backed by a guarantee of quality from the day of purchase. If you buy any feed product from our store that fails to live up to your expectations, return it and we will happily exchange your purchase for another one or refund your money, whichever you prefer. Note: this guarantee excludes feed not consumed in a reasonable time (within 7 days), or not stored properly i.e. left out in weather. Please ask for advice on storage solutions to find out more.

No problems with 'evil weevils' - Our grain products undergo rigid testing for weevils and mites, and when necessary are treated safely and effectively before sale. If on the very rare occasion you might find weevils just return the product for an exchange or refund.

Your feed will be loaded in your car for you - remember the old days? It takes a little more time, but we are very happy to take your food out to your car. We also deliver to all areas in Townsville.

Delivery to your feed shed? - if you don't have time to drop in, simply phone or email your order through and our friendly delivery driver will drop it right where you need it. He will even open the bag or feed your pet for you if you like. (and Yes we always shut the gate)

Our pledge to you and your pet...when buying horse feed / chook food / petfood in Townsville

We are not the biggest feed store in Townsville and we are not the cheapest feed store in Townsville, but we guarantee you that our focus will always be on the best for your horse. We will not cut corners and we will not compromise the quality of service, products and education. If you love your pets as much as we do, come in to see us for your feed today.

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Your search for Townsville's best horse feed / chook food / petfood store is over!

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