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Ivor Sandler
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Welcome to Citivet - Centennial Park
Your "state of the heart" veterinary practice

Citivet - Centennial Park
Citivet - Centennial Park or Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital is your full service veterinary centre, conveniently located in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs. Easily accessable with plenty of parking. We are your trusted community vets.

The Vet hospital is owned by Dr. Ivor Sandler who has been a vet since 1982. He has plenty of experience.

Our support staff at Citivet - Centennial Park are all animal lovers and are dedicated to the TLC of your much loved pets. We see puppies and kittens, dogs and cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and birds.

Citivet-Centennial Park's services are comprehensive. They include annual health checks, vaccinations, desexing, dentals, behaviour consults and more involved medical and surgical procedures, including orthopedics. We groom dogs and have a cat boarding facility. We take care of just about all veterinary health issues in-house.

We are concious of the expense that can be associated with veterinary treatment and surgery. We endeavor to deliver cost effective veterinary services.

Our pets are intergral parts of our lives. We share their trials and tribulations just like our kids. Without them our lives would be empty. Each one is different with their own personality.

Please feel free to contact us or come in for a sticky beak.

See you and your pets soon.

At Citivet- Centennial park, our mission is to ensure your pets health and well being is at an optimum. We aim to provide the best of Veterinary care.

Open 7 days.

What We Do
We Prevent Diagnose Treat

Medical Checks:
A Year in a dog or cats life is like seven of our own. Bearing this in mind, we would consider it short sighted for us humans to get ourselves examined by a medical doctor once every seven years, Or for that matter, to go to a dentist once every seven years.

We believe your pets should have a general check up twice a year.
At Citivet - Centennial Park, we will spend extended time with you and your pet, during which time a full examination will be carried out and your pets needs discussed

At Citivet - Centennial Park we have all the routine vaccines available that are necessary to help ensure that your pet is protected. From Puppies and Kittens to geriatric pets, we tailor vaccination protocols accordingly.

Polyvalent vaccines have been given annually for decades and have ensured that pets have been extremely well protected. We no longer see diseases like Distemper at our hospitals. Just as well, as it is a particularly nasty disease for which there is no cure. Dr Ivor Sandler, has seen many of these cases when he started out as a newly qualified vet.

There are areas in Australia in which distemper is diagnosed and it only takes exposure to one of these cases for the disease to start re appearing in an unprotected canine community.
Parvo Virus raised it's ugly head in the early 1980s and spread to dogs world wide. Prior to this, Parvo was never diagnosed, so new diseases can appear.
Australia is currently Rabies free and enforces a strict quarentine policy to keep it out. Rabies is another nasty that can be transmitted to different animals and is a Zoonosis ( can be transmitted to humans.)

Feline leukaemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus is being diagnosed more and more. A vaccinated pet population is essential.

We advise an annual an check up where we can discuss & tailor a protocol for your pet. During this time heartworm Prevention will be discussed.

At Citivet - Centennial Park we advise desexing at 6 months of age for both dogs and cats. We can and do desex earlier than this but it depends on the size and weight of your pet. Desexing is considered as being a routine procedure. It involves much more than just being routine. It takes a considerable amount of expertise.

As with all our surgeries, your pets safety, comfort and rapid recovery is paramount.
We specialise in minimum invasion & rapid healing. In pets desexed at 5 - 6 months, we make incissions really small. ("Bikini Cut") Anything from 0.6 cm in a female cat to 2.5 cm in a female dog, depending on the size of your pet and as long as it is not overweight, in season or pregnant. Male dogs and cats should be desexed at the same age as females. We also desex Ferrets, Rabbits & Rats.

Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital is licencesed by the Veterinary Board Of NSW to carry out complicated surgeries

Although not a veterinary specialist, Dr Ivor Sandler is a very experienced veterinary surgeon, having carried out thousands of surgeries during his career. From minor soft tissue surgeries to involved and intricate orthopaedics, this is Ivor's domain.

Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital has a well equiped operating theatre. Our anaesthesia protocol has been well tested and our safety record is impeccable. We have the latest modern monitoring equipment. The safety of your loved pets is paramount.

We maintain a standard of excellence and advise pre anaesthetic blood testing as well as intravenous fluids during all our surgeries. This enables us to check you pets health status prior to anaesthesia as well as keeping blood pressure up to ensure proper organ perfusion during surgery.

Our surgeries recover within minutes once completed.
Pain relief is mandatory for all surgeries carried out at Centennial Park Veterinary Hospital.

Most procedures are carried out "in house". Few cases need to be referred. Referral services are available and a specialist is often called upon to carry out the surgery at Citivet- Centannial Park.
Although not a veterinary specialist, Dr Sandler prides himself as being a experienced surgeon and as such has carried out many orthopaedic procedures. From simple fractures in dogs, cats and other companion animals to more involved intricate pinning, plating and wiring techniques. Stifle Reconstructive knee surgery is also part of his ability. As with all our surgeries your pets safety, comfort and rapid recovery are paramount.

Every dog and cat is different. Some pets will develop dental and gum disease easier an earlier than others.

In our opinion, teeth are the most neglected health issue in our dog & cat population. "out of sight. out of mind" .

Periodontal disease is the most frequently occuring clinical condition in dogs and cats. Four out of five dogs over the age of three, will show signs of tooth and gum disease.
If there is any interface where bacteria and their toxins can enter the blood stream , it happens here. Millions of bacteria build up and thrive. When teeth and gums are diseased, bacteria can easily enter into the blood stream and get carried off to organs, aswell as settle on the valves of the heart. Pets with "bad mouths" are under constant challenge.
A smelly breath is a good indicactor of dental and gum disease. If you pets breath smell, have it seen to.

If you want an opinion we are more than happy to do a Dental check for free.
We recommend annual dental checks & if necessary, treatment & scaling. Contact the clinic if you wish

Citivet - Centennial Park has modern X ray facilities. We have the latest Digital processing which is much quicker than film and chemical based radiology. We can have Xray pictures up within 30 seconds of being processed. Computerised radiological images can be sent instantly for specialist evaluation if needed. this is a very nice toy.

Coming soon

We have advanced modern veterinary laboratory equipment . We are able to screen blood samples and have answers within minutes. Samples requiring more complicated asesment is sent to larger outside veterinary laboratories.

Yes we do have a hospital. We have well designed, spacious, comfortable accomodation for the hospitalisation of your dogs and cats. Most veterinary patients are just in for the day. Sometimes we have to hospitalise more ill patients for a few days and are able to do so.

Cat boarding:
Dr Sandler has designed and built catteries in all the facilities that he owns. This has lead to his latest multistoried Kitty Condos.

Our cattery is called "The Cat Hotel" Here they get breakfast in bed & bathroom on suite.
If your cat needs boarding for short or long periods please feel free to contact us. If you intend boarding over the holiday period, book soon.

Pet Grooming available. Call us for an appointment.

Behaviour Consultations:
Our vets are available for consultation on a wide variety of behavioural problems. Behaviour is of particular interest to Ivor and Jacqui.

Once again, Citivet - Centennial Park is dedicated to offering all our clients and their pets the very best compassionate veterinary health care available in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW.

Emergency Service Available:

In the event of an out of hours emergency, please contact SAVES on 8999 7867

Veterinary Specialist Surgical Service Available:

Please contact Citivet - Centennial Park on 9326 2666 for any enquieries.

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