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City Slickers Dog Grooming

A163 South Road
Morphett Vale
South Australia 5162
P 08 8382 0000
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City Slickers Dog Grooming is an experienced salon with myself having over 20 years experience in grooming and trimming all breeds and all styles.

City Slickers Dog Grooming

We pride ourselves in being able to proficiently trim to any style provided you have kept the coat in good condition. We have hydraulic tables for making life easier for elderly older dogs and arthritic dogs. We are air conditioned in summer and heated in winter. We will keep very old dogs for the least amount of time so ask that you book them in for the first appointment of the day so we can get them done as soon as possible.

We are supportive of charities who are concerned with animal welfare and financially contribute to:

The latter 2 charities, and are close to my heart as they are run by a local friend of mine who tirelessly raises funds to help all animals in need who are in rehab centres or rescue facilities and may not be able to access funds that larger organisations can. Bev is an orangutan enthusiast like myself so I am always happy to send the proceeds of all nail clips and anal gland expressions directly to her. If you wish to come into the salon for either of these services, you do not need to make an appointment, just come in before 3pm Monday to Saturday. The charge is only $5 for each service (which is considerably cheaper than the vet!) and only takes a couple of minutes.

We use only the best quality shampoos from who use natural products friendly to your dog’s skin and the environment. My concern is with the use of palm oil derived chemicals that are in most cleaning products. Petway’s shampoos are one of the only ones I have found who are Australian made and do not contain sodium lauryl sulphates or other palm oil derived chemicals. The palm oil industry is almost entirely responsible for the near extinction of the orangutan due to the destruction of the rainforest in which the orangutan live. Palm plantations have taken up 96% of their habitat for the production of this oil that is in most of our grocery, cosmetic and cleaning products. Please visit Bev’s site to find out more or come in to the salon to see me!

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 3.30pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm.

We like to keep dogs who are having full haircuts (no matter what size), for 3 hours so we can properly tend to their needs. We do not wish to rush to get your dog finished while you wait as there are a number of factors that can make a groom take longer or shorter so best you drop him off and return later. We like to give the dogs a break between services as we find this keeps them calmer and more relaxed. Some dogs can be very matted and take alot longer, others can need a slower approach if frightened, etc

Grooming Procedure

    1. We will initially pre clip or pre brush the coat and remove unnecessary hair, knots or tangles and determine what sort of hair cut your dog will have.

    2. He will then wait his turn to be bathed in the hydrobath using whichever Petway shampoo appropriate for his skin and coat.

    3. He will then be dried off. We prefer not to dry dogs from wet to dry (as alot of other salons do) as we find that for very young and very old dogs it is a stressful procedure with high pressure dryer and noises making it unpleasant for them (also if they have ear infections they do not tolerate the dryer near their heads). We will towel them dry as much as possible, blow the wet from their coats for 30 seconds and then let them dry off in a crate that has vents on the floor with warm air rising into it. We find this makes them feel cosy and warm and they are much more relaxed when they are taken out to have their finishing trim. Some dogs protest when we take them out and some fall asleep!

    4. He will then be brought back to have his finishing trim done where we will trim, style or clip the coat to your requirements, trim nails, pluck and clean ears.

    5. Go home! If there have been any issues we feel need to be discussed with you, we will do this when your dog leaves and recommend to you how many weeks it should be between visits, at home grooming tips, shampoo recommendations, etc.

We are B.A.R.F dog food stockists which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a frozen dog food made with human grade meats (raw), fruits and vegetables, ground bone, kelp, etc all designed to keep your dog healthy and keep skin conditions at bay. It is the only dog food I found that helped my pug’s allergies. It has no artificial colours, preservatives or additives which are the things that usually send itchy prone dogs over the edge!

It is made in Australia by a vet Dr Ian Billinghurst who got sick of seeing dogs with problems directly related to poor diets so decided to research for years before arriving at this particular recipe. It is sold in boxes of 12 patties and is recommended approximately 1 patty per 14 kgs of weight but of course this can vary according to your dog’s condition, ie, is he/she already overweight/underweight, full of energy, pregnant or just given birth, puppy or older dog? Any questions can be directed to myself or vist Dr B’s site at to find out more. We sell boxes of dog BARF at $19.50 and cat BARF at $12 per box. (this is slightly under the rrp)

We also sell a range of collars, harnesses, dog jumpers, brushes for your dogs needs.

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